• We are in the UK and have an almost 10 month old female Basenji. My husband has an history of allergy to cats and many dogs, but has not reacted to her at all, despite her sharing our bed and specifically being right next to his body .

    Usually in November (Winter UK) my husband has a post viral asthmatic cough that lasts for a month and he also suffers with hayfever from June. He did not have the post viral cough this winter (Nov 20) but very unusually has it now (Spring UK).

    I am aware that Basenjis change their coats in the Spring and I have noticed some hair but not a lot and wondering whether this could be contributing.

    It's odd that he didn't get ill in November, but wondering whether this related to lockdown reducing the circulation of other viruses. He has had negative Coronavirus tests so pretty sure it's not that and infection rates are extremely low in our area at the moment. He has definitely had a virus though.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about whether this could be being exacerbated by our Basenji if she is changing her coat, when he has not reacted to her at all previously?

    Many Thanks

  • It doesn't seem likely Jane, since he wasn't allergic to her before. In spring everything is pollenating and I would guess it's something like that. I think just being at home as we've been during the pandemic could change the seasonal allergic responses to both owners and dogs. We got Cinny just before the pandemic, and we've had to stay home, so I just play with her in the back garden and she can run in big circles, and I play "chase" with her out there. If you're walking her in your neighborhood, maybe take her to a different area to walk, if you think she's getting exposed to pollen and it coming into the house. I hope that helps!
    I've worried about Cinny getting reverse sneezing sometimes lately, but the vet said it's ok to give half a benadryl to her. So as long as I can hide it in something to get her to take it, I do that.
    For the husband, try Allegra if you have it over there. It works really well for me when it's allergy season.

  • Sounds very much like seasonal allergies. Basenjis shed all year round so if there hasn't been a reaction until now I'd think shedding would not be a likely source of the problem.

  • Thanks everyone.

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