We just joined the Forum and we are new basenji owners. We have a 7 month old basenji mix. We have only had him 4 days but we are all in love with him. These are pictures from our back yard. He loves to play soccer with my 4 and 8 year old boys. But once he has the ball he guards it well as you can see in the picture!

Thank you! He's beautiful…and looks very happy.:)

Thanks for the pics. Appollo's a great looking dog. Are his back feet bandaged?

Welcome to the forum Apollo and your family 🙂

Oh he's so cute! I too am wondering about his back feet - looks like they are wrapped - what is that??

The shelter had his dew claws removed when he was neutered prior to us picking him up. He had double dew claws. The bandages are already off and he never seemed to even notice them.

Nice looking boy, congratulations to you all!


Very pretty boy. He looks to be a very playful pup..
I was wondering too about the bandages, but saw what you wrote..I am glad when they don't notice something is gone, makes for easier recovery…

Awww…lucky dog. He is so cute.

He looks great!

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