Many thanks!

It's been ages since I last posted photos of Kairoe. We've been busy with everything else including taking him to shows and meeting and competing with other basenjis. 🙂 However, we'd want to thank Sue, Lynn, Robyn and most especially Arlene for helping us with handling him in the ring.. giving us pointers and tips helping him win in the process. Thank you so much!

Since the summer, Kairoe's been in three shows and the last photo was taken from the very first show he was in, back in the summer.

We'll be posting more photos.. as I'm sure you know what it's like.. there's just too many of them!!!

Lovely b, welcome back.

How about bragging about your wins so far?

Nice pics! And yes, please brag!

Congrats on Kairoe's wins!

Any of his littermates on the forums with some pictures to post? It would be great to have a virtual family reunion.

Yes, I would love to see pictures of the rest of the litter now that they are almost a year old…

Kairoe's two littermates live in the same area.. and since we got him in April, I only saw them maybe about a week or two ago. And too bad, my boyfriend missed them. Of course, the boys got snarky.. but Indi and Kairoe just pretty much sniffed each other's faces. So cute. But you could tell the original, Bubba, Talker and Indi. I would love to see a photo of Lilo.

What a nice boy! Congrats on his and your wins so far!

Welcome back, you have a handsome boy!

Congratulations on Kairoes wins, he's a handsome boy 🙂

Nice win way to go and he is very handsome. Look out ladies…

Rita Jean

Congratulations Kairoe!!!

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