The many sleeping positions of Anubis

He has some of the weirdest ways to sleep lol

My favorite one is him under the bed lol

The holes in the chair in the 3rd pic is from him haha

Ha…he is so cute. I love the last one!

HAHA, what a cutie…I love when they sleep the way he is in the last one!

Yeah lol…he had opened his eyes when I went to take his pic lol...he's so goofy. Basenji's have the most entertaining ways to sleep. His new favorite place is under the bed partially haha

First Basenji's

LOL! Adorable!
Cody likes to sleep under the bed too, especially in the winter since my bed is placed over the heating vent. It's nice and toasty under there 🙂

Love those pictures - they do indeed have some very funny sleep positions - love that last one - my Shaye sleeps like that a lot - no shame at all!

Very cute! 🙂

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