• We adopted Max from a rescue. He's an 18-month-old Basenji/Chihuahua mix, but his temperament is all Basenji- he's always very happy, he's very mischievous, he's stubborn and he loves to run and chase. He's also terrified of water. He's about 20 pounds, too big for the small dogs really- and too fast! He does sing but he also does bark sometimes. He always serenades us when we get home.

    We think he's one of the cutest dogs we have ever seen. The rescuer found him abandoned in a junkyard in Mexico! He's been with us for about six months and our lives have been totally changed. He's our second dog, the first also being a rescue. Lucy is a 13-year-old lab/pointer mix. They're not very close friends, but they do play together sometimes.

    Being half-Basenji, Max tries to monopolize all of our attention, something Lucy seems to have accepted in stride.

    Lucy and Max:

    His legs are ridiculously long-

    My favorite picture of Max-

  • Welcome! Max is darling, your older dog is a saint to put up with a young basenji mix! He looks like a very nice sized little dog, and good for you for giving him a loving home.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Thank you. She lets him know that she is the alpha when it comes to food (have to give her treats first and let her go away before I give one to Max), but she seems to be perfectly fine with him being the needy one.

  • Thanks for choosing 2 rescues, they are lucky dogs. I think your Lab is so generous, I know that B is taking your attention, the Lab probably thinks that his life has changed b/c of this long legged dog, haha!!!!! Bs want attention all the time, or at least mine does, and if you didn't have a gentle dog like labs are it would probably be a different story. Good Luck, you have 2 great dogs.

  • I think its wonderful you took this love dog in.
    Thanks for the story and the photos.

  • Cute dog. There's something about the eyes that don't quite make basenji but a nice dog regardless.

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