• Hello to all of you basenji lovers out there. I have just become a new member of your froum and I would like to say hello .

  • Hello back!:) The more, the merrier….

  • Hello and welcome to the forum!

  • Houston

    Hello to you too.
    Tell us more about yourself and your love for basenjis and their mysterious ways.

  • Thanks you. For what it's worth my name is Jeff and my loved wife of 46 yrs is Donna . We lost our loved one 9/13/09 she was 16yrs and 7 mo. she was the love of our life, and we still miss her very much. We are in the process odopting a brat basenji His name is Ernie and he is from Michigan about a 30 min drive away. Ernie foster dad lives on a 80 acre farm with 5 other basenjis. Ernie is a very happy boy he is about 2 and 1/2 yrs old tri color. I have one question and I hope this is the place to ask, When we went to visit him we noticed he had a double coat , could anyone tell me if this is normal ? Thanks Jeff Toledo Ohio

  • Usually before they blow coat they will get what seems to be a double coat… under coat and top coat... I would however have his thyroid checked as if they have thyroid problems it can and does really effect the hair coat.

  • Houston

    Jeff and Donna,
    so sorry to hear about your loss, it never is easy to loose someone that you have been close to for so long.
    Good luck in your adventures of adopting Ernie. We can't wait to meet hm..

  • Thanks all for your comments. Weare truly thankfull for all of your help. Jeff

  • Greetings and welcome to the forum. This is a great place to exchange stories, find information, and make friends. Always nice to have people who understand where you are coming from in our experiences with our Basenji's purebred or mix.

  • Thanks for the welcome. Jeff

  • Welcome to the forum! It's a great place to get info and share stories. I'm in Ohio also.:)

  • Bart thank you form a fellow buckeye. Jeff

  • Welcome. When do you expect to get Ernie home? Hope all goes well for you.

  • Welcome Jeff and Donna, sorry to hear of your loss. I joined the forum when i lost Benji and its been so helpful.
    Great that you are adopting Ernie 🙂

  • We are hoping to bring Ernie home 11/10/09 Donna and I are taking a vac. 10/31/08 to 11/08/09 Jeff

  • Welcome and I am so sorry to hear of your loss they are our children. I am very happy to hear of your new baby Ernie can hardly wait to see pictures. I know you said fellow buckeye in Ohio but I have Uncle Bing in my front yard it is a buckeye tree.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome to the forum Jeff, keep us updated about you new pup!

  • Welcome to our group! Congratulations on your new adoption and keep us informed on how it goes.

  • Welcome to the fourm, look forward to hearing you adventures with Ernie. I am also a fellow buckeye. Living in central Ohio.

  • Good morning my wife and I returned form vac. Sat. We picked up Ernie yesterday. Ernie is all Basenji he is a 2.5 yr old tri. Ernie is very smart he sets stays rollover plays dead , and upon returning home we found out he loves too chase our two cats, not good. We will have to work on that behavior. I hope too have pictures soon not quite sure how to download yet .Once again thanks for all the welcome e-mails Jeff and Donna

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