Do you see the mix??

Just thought I'd share what my area shelter considers a "Basenji" mix.

Cute dog and all, but Basenji??? Curly tail is all it takes I guess.

P.S. I finally figured out how to link a website - woo-hoo!


No way, yes curly tail might be it, but there are several breeds with curly tails.

Looks like a little collie cross to me, maybe a bit of husky in there too?

But anything with curly tail and pointy ears seems to be called a basenji!

I think he is a giant papillon…cute though!

Kinda reminds me of an Eski with colors….but Basenji??? Nah!

There's this application on facebook where you can 'virtually foster' dogs to get them more visibility. I went on yesterday and searched for Basenji. I found 2 dogs that looked to be basenjis. Of the mixes, some of them were pretty crazy, and we were amazed at how many dogs they called basenji mixes.

Maybe some Shiba Inu in that dog, but not Basenji.

No that's not a Shiba hair wrong tail and the body wrong not really sure what this one is but it is cute.

Rita Jean

I would be inclined to say this dog is part American Eskimo dog, part something brownish/brindle.

He's really really cute

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