• Could this dog be a B mix? She supposedly does not have much time and is labeled as a Jack Russell/Feist mix.




  • I don't even know what a Feist is, will have to look it up.
    I will forward this to the BRAT person in that state and see if she can get someone
    to go down and look at this dog.
    Thank you for this post.

  • She looks like a Shiba mix to me….

  • I sent a post to BRAT and they will see if they have someone to go look at her.
    Photos can be deceiving.

  • I am not too far away and I helped rescue a B mix from this shelter last year. I was supposed to be out of town this weekend but now I am fighting off sinus problems with headaches. We are expecting some snow over the next couple of days but I do not know how much. I have contacted the shelter to see if the dog is still available. Depending on what happens I may be able to see the dog. Last week the county I have to drive through was on a Level 3 Snow Emergency because of the blowing snow.

    I did a Google search on Feist/Mountain Feist/Treeing Feist dogs. They are classified as a Terrier and the tails are usually docked. They are hunting dogs but hunt above ground not below. They mostly are used to hunt squirrels. The description sounds similar to a Basenji. They come in all kinds of colors including brindles, blacks, tris, reds, in addition to other colors. I saw a picture of one in a tree, after it had climbed it. Most of them though have more white like a Rat Terrier.

    I always thought Basenjis would be good squirrel hunters.


  • Sorry your not feeling well.
    Sounds like the Feist dogs are like the Decker dogs..maybe?
    I did contact BRAT, but have not heard back yet, if someone was able to go see the dog.

  • I finally was able to see this girl this past weekend as last weekend there were snow emergencies. She is a cutie! She was an owner turn-in but supposedly a stray. She was turned in with a older male Finnish Spitz. I am not sure what breed she is but she reminds me of a B/Shiba/Shepherd mix as the head kind of looks like a Shiba. She howls and does not bark even though the Spitz barks like crazy. She weighs about 25-30 lbs. I estimate she is no more than 3 years old as she does have a little tartar on her back teeth but her front teeth are sparkling. She allowed me to check her mouth and check her paws. She had pent-up energy and wanted her friend to come out with us while I walked her. She finally settled down and laid down in the snow. She seems to really want to be with people.

    She is temporarily being fostered in an ex-pen in a barn with the Spitz. One interesting note is that they got away from the foster and just ran around the yard and came back to her.

    If anyone is interested in her, please contact the person that is on the petfinder listing. I could probably help transport either to Cincinnati, Columbus, and/or my town Dayton, OH. There is only a $20 pull fee for rescues and I gave a donation so she may be partially vetted this week and/or the pull fee will be covered.



  • I hope she finds a forever home soon.

  • @Quercus:

    She looks like a Shiba mix to me….

    That would be my guest too

  • There is someone taking a look at this dog this weekend. I hope she gets adopted!

  • My Brother in Law is going to go get her tomorrow.

    I am so excited for them!


  • She is pretty could be she has some Shiba if so she will really be a super great dog. Happy for your brother-in-law and tell them thank you. Had my Shiba for 11 years if I can tell you anything about them let me know. They are like the B in lots of ways. Good luck.

    Rita Jean

  • My BIL adopted Miya today.
    He thinks she is only abut a year old, but he says she is adorable and very sweet.


  • I was not able to see the photo, but wonderful that this dog was saved.
    Keep us posted on how she settles in.

  • I fixed the pictures above I think. It's a link now.

    She is already getting attached to my MIL, so it is very exciting.

    She is such a sweet and happy, and lovey little wiggle butt.

    It took 5 minutes for her to figure out that the clicker meant treats, and to learn to not pull on leash or we didn't move. She is really smart.


  • When my Mother in law and Brother in law took Miya to be spayed, when
    they opened her up, they found that she was pregnant with 4 pups, 4 to
    5 weeks along.
    Since she was already under anaesthesia, and opened up, it was too
    late to save the pups, but according to the vet the sire must have
    been pretty big, and there almost certainly would have been
    complications had she gone full term.
    Miya recovered from her surgery quite well, and is going through a bit
    of nesting and carrying around toys like pups, but doesn't seem any
    worse for the wear.
    The vet techs were all amazed at what a sweet and beautiful girl she is.
    The vet didn't even charge my MIL extra for the pregnant spay, or the extra overnight stay to keep an eye on her.

    I noticed that the first post in this thread was from 2/23. Since Miya's spay was on 3/31, she must have been bred just before being turned in!
    It was fortunate that my MIL and BIL adopted her when they did, because she would have started to show within about the next week, and then she would have been very hard to adopt out.


  • Oh my, that would have been a bit of surprise if they had waited a while for the spay. Glad to hear she is doing well.

  • Thanks.

    It definitely would have been a surprise. I am glad they did not wait!


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