Basenji Mischief

So really how are you suppose to be mad at these kids when they act like this?


Very funny!

Aww, that was really cute.

I do that with Lycia all the time… hehe


I do that with Otis too and always on our bed..funny..

Great video thank you for sharing. Looks like the two of you were having lots of fun.

Rita Jean

Great fun 😃
Benji used to like playing on the bed too, he used to get realy excited and often yodeled. He also bit me in a playful way but i did think he bit hard and didn't hold back 😞

Great video! We love to tease Manah when she's trying to jump on the bed at nite. We push her off and she leaps back up, runs in circles and makes her baroo sound; Basenji's are the best!

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