• They said it couldn't be done.

    I was told that all b's flunk obedience school.

    Well, Hunter is proving them all wrong!!!⭕o

    Hunter, my precious BRAT rescue, graduated from Beginning Home Obedience last night.

    The instructor/owner kept saying that Hunter was doing real well…for a basenji!!!:D:D:D There were only 5 other dogs in the class and Hunter was the oldest.

    Was he the best? No. Was he the worst? No. Did we all learn and bond. Yes!:D:D Will I continue to work with him? Yes. Will he be the "best basenji ever?" Remains to be seen.

    Just wanted to share a little (ok brag!).

  • Oh that's wonderful! And who told you that bunk that basenjis always flunked Ob school? I remember taking my very first basenji through class. And on the last night was told "She did very well, for a basenji." What the heck? I wish that person could meet Digital - over 30 titles to his name and took a novice handler into Rally and finished his novice rally title with two first places and one second with a high score of 99. Yes those basenjis can! If you can figure out how to motivate them, basenjis are very trainable. Sounds like you both had a lot of fun.

  • Congratulations! And don't listen to people who say basenji flunk out of obedience class. Have fun with Hunter!

  • Yea! I'm happy to hear your B is a good student!

  • Houston

    Congrats Hunter and Vicki..that is great news.

    Otis got…"wow he is really good ..for being a basenji..usually they flunk.." from his trainer..makes you very motivated to show them wrong doesn't it?

  • First Basenji's

    Congrats! That's awesome!

  • One of the games my instructor plays during graduation class is Musical Settles. Kind of like musical chairs except the one eliminated is the one whose dog lays down last after the owner sits, which is the only cue the dog gets. My basenjis have always done poorly at this game because they hate laying down on cold ground and though they will offer a sit, down is usually more than they are willing to do. Which is okay with me, we always kick butt at the recall game, basenjis are wicked fast! Anyway, at one of the many graduation days that we have attended we amazed everyone by making it all the way to the final two and then even more amazement when me and Nicky won. That was the only time my instructor made a basenji related comment which was, "See how practice and reinforcement pays off, the basenji won musical settles!"

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