Lgra brag!

I wanted to share a brag about Sophie my half Avongara girl that I co-own and co-bred with Pat. Sophie is an Avongara Cole of Brushy Run JC daughter out of my girl DC Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon MC, LCM, VetFCH, JOR. Anyone who knows her parents probably wouldn't find it surprising that their daughter loves to run. And today, run she did right to High Score In Meet at the LGRA meet hosted by RCRA in Sacrmento, CA. She won all 3 high point races today for a perfect score of 22. She also earned herself 2 GRC and 2 National points and completed her Gazehound Racing Championship! YAY!

Sophie is now FC Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music SC, FCh, GRC, JOR.

Go Sophie Go !!
Well done!


Wow, that is awesome…run Sophie, run.

Way to go Sophie…. from her very proud Co-Breeder and Co-Owner

Big congrats to you, Pat and of course Sophie! 😃

Way to go Sophie great run.

Rita Jean

Great result…congrats to Sophie, you and Pat! 🙂

Congrats Sophie !

Kathryn and all the
Jaroufa Hounds
Home of UKC Kiroja Chicago Hood at Jaroufa,SGRC2,JOR.ORC
#1 2008 LGRA/NOTRA

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