• My bookends are the only one running today. Weather is cool and the field is nice. My whippet will get some practice runs later too. Camping on the field is nice and quiet too.

  • I'm hoping to be there tomorrow Lisa! Sorry Trog, but your turtle will be dethroned. lol And poor Mojo will have to sit this one out, he just got his foot stuck in the fence and is very ouchy.

    Have Holly and Kyle come to check it out?

  • Poor Mojo, hope he heals quick. It is pouring rain right now. No visitors yet and with this rain I doubt we will get any. At least Trog is raising his wave for the nationals.

  • Great to meet some new basenjis and let the kids have fun running. Still can't believe my little show whippet ran so well as a FTE, will have to find more combined events next year. I think ours are going to be the only 2 running at Purina next month, too bad as they compete well with others.

  • May I ask what a FTE is? I see your in Mo are you near KC?

    Rita Jean

  • FTE is first time entered. We are in Rolla, about 4 hours from KC, or anywhere else.

  • We are going to try to show our Basenji just learning so we know nothing and I do mean nothing. I take that back do not wear heels when showing (ha! ha!) So I have learned something. Thank you for the answer we are close to KC. Good luck.

    Rita Jean

  • good luck, there are a lot of events in the KC and Kansas area, not so much down here that draw more than a single basenji, very disappointing when shows have no points involved. We were lucky as our breeder took Xander to some of the larger shows that were 2 states away and earned his majors that way. We have stopped showing our two whippets as it seems like only the professional handlers get any whippet points.

  • This was the first event my husband, our basenjis & I have been to & we had a fantastic time - well, I think Denver was missing his afternoon couch time, as he was quite whiny towards the end of the day. Kelli let me help her run her Bs. I was quite nervous about screwing something up & sure enough, Tyson slipped his collar & ran the other way! :o Luckily he ran to someone who was able to snatch him up & the races went on. I was thankful Lisa's husband Joe helped me at the boxes (I can't take all of the credit!). He takes wonderful photographs & made fast friends with our Bs as they gobbled up his treats! At the end of the meet, Trinity was granted a practice run & she ran it like a champ! Every time the dogs would whiz by, she'd go crazy on her leash, trying to run with them. Kelli's & Lisa's basenjis are all gorgeous & I'm glad I've been able to see Trinity's stiff competion in action… 😉

  • Lisa, it was nice running with your kids this weekend. And fun to watch Annie have a go! She was high FTE, good girl. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. 🙂 And big thanks to Joe for all the cool pictures.

    Holly, nice to meet you, and thanks for all the help! You did just fine, and no worries about Tyson, he was just going to see if he could find us by the rest of the kids. lol I'm glad Trinity took to things well, she'll be out there with the rest of the gang in no time. And don't worry, Denver may come to love it soon enough. In fact, his whining could have been his "calm" excitement over the lure. Some dogs don't get as worked up as others, but still when the time comes they are all business. lol See you in KY!

  • Here are the links to the photos, great meeting everyone and looking forward to coming back up in the spring.



  • Pictures are really good they are great and I love all the dogs. Two of them caught my eye a little more. Schnauzer and the B both are so pretty. I bet you had lots of fun looks like they did for sure. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • Grr, my computer is usually naughty about Picasa and I can't see the pictures, the page is just blank. Will have to open up the laptop or go upstairs and use another computer later.

    I can tell you now the Schnauzer was mine Rita. lol Well not really mine, but my project for the time being.

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