LGRA Race Results and L'Ox video

Today we packed up the Kinetic Crew and headed out for a day of racing hosted by RCRA. The weather was sunny and warm without being too hot.

8 Entries

1 - Rio, earning 3 National Points
2 - Bella, earning 1.5 National Points and 2 GRC Points
3 - Rally, earning 1 GRC point (not bad for a 9 year old)
4 - Sophie
5 - Cole
6 - TC
7 - Levi
8 - Nicky

L'Ox got to run a baby practice. My little boy sure loves his lure.

When we got home L'Ox had a hard time choosing what toy to play with. It is so hard to choose when your family is so good at winning toys for toy box.

In the end, he finally made his choice.

Congrats on the results! The videos of L'Ox are too cute 🙂

Ha ha, in the second video there is a commercial on TV about a hamburger. I wonder if L'ox was salivating on his pink toy?


First off, huge congrats are in order, well done.

Second, L'ox ain't so little anymore..look how much he has grown..wow. He is too cute..

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