• Anyone on the boards try straight Track Racing or Oval Racing??? Thinking this may be something else to get the kids involved in. Since speed & running is their thing 😃

  • I have done oval and straigh line racing with mine. The big thing is that you need to get them used to wearing a muzzle and go to some practices so they get used to the starting boxes.

  • My dogs are doing oval track, only one is really enjoying it (she is 2006 french champion 🆒 ) her daughter does like to run on her own (she prefers lure coursing), her son as never met a fast enough dog (expect his mother) and instead of chasing the lure he thinks he is there to play with the other dog then gets disqualified :mad: (I'll see if he prefers lure coursing).
    In France we don't see many basenjis running in competition, we try to get more people to get interested but it is not yet we'll have 6 bs running together in the same race 😞

  • We do track racing too. Our basenji really loves it. The truck is in our city so we have tried it last year. In czech is about five active running basenjis.The basenji race is fascinating for me everytime.

  • Lenny has done straight racing… but Kelli was the one taking him there so maybe she will chime in...

    paging kelli...

  • Well this thread is a couple years old, but I figure I'll chime in anyways in case anyone wants info, and since I was "paged". 🙂

    Yes, we do straight and oval racing (and Lenny too) and it's a blast. Probably my absolute favorite thing to do with the Basenjis, and we do it all. lol The dogs are out there having so much fun doing what they were born to do, and you can hoot and holler for your kids like if you were at a sporting event and cheer them on. There's lots of comraderie between the people and the atmosphere is so relaxing. It's about as objective as it gets, no politics from questionable judging, etc. Just simply who crossed the finish line first. 🙂

    Jys1011, did you ever get your kids involved in racing? One of my boys now lives in NJ and he has done some amazing things on the track. He is basically undefeated and his owner has worked hard doing all kinds of things to help him be #1. And he's having the time of his life! I know there are several race meets in NJ and the surrounding areas each year, and I bet Kathryn would be happy to help you learn the ropes.

    If you want to find out more about the races, you can go to the websites for the organizations and they have calendars of upcoming events that list dates and locations. Also they list clubs and contacts, so I woul contact the nearest club or two and they will give you an idea of when local meets are as well as potential practices or other club activities.

    LGRA is the straight racing organization, their website is lgra.org
    Click on "calendar", then on "PDF calendar" after that, in the left column. This will tell you the race dates and locations so you can do some map googling to find out what's feasable for you to attend. Practices are much more plenty and inviting at race meets vs lure trials. Plus the lure is a bit more "exciting" usually for the dogs. So it's a great place to learn no matter which lure activity you plan to do.

    NOTRA is for oval track, their site is notra.org
    Click on "racedates"

    I'd be happy to help further if you would like more running details.

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