RCRA LGRA/NOTRA Results and Brags

  • 10/4 LGRA Results

    4 Basenjis Entered

    1st - Rio, Kinetic Soucery - 1pt
    2nd - Sophie, Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music - 0.5pt
    3rd - Nicky, Sherwood's In The Nick of Time
    4th - Rally, Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon

    10/5 NOTRA Results

    1st - Sophie, Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music - 1pt
    2nd - Rio, Kinetic Sourcery - 0.5pt
    3rd - Nicky, Sherwood's In The Nick Of Time
    4th - Rally, Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon

    Today Sophie completed the requirements for her Junior Oval Racer title so would like everyone to know she can now be referred to as
    FC Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music SC, JOR.

  • Yea, go Sophie!!!!

  • Congrats! I think her new title sounds smashing!

  • Thanks, the dogs love running and they have so much fun at it. It was nice to have Sophie finish her title today and icing that she beat her older sister.

    RCRA also has great prizes for all us Other Breeds, dog treats and toys, so they are doubly happy at the end of the day. They are nice and worn out and have had a nice snack and have toys waiting for them when they wake up.

  • Great Job Sophie! Keep makin' mama proud.

  • Congratulations Sophie and well done all!

  • Congratulations Ivoss. You certainly have bragging rights!! You do the breed proud!!

  • Hi All,
    Would love to brag about my Rocky,UKC Champion Kiroja Chicago Hood at Jaroufa,SGRC,ORC

    He got 5 pts over the week-end at the PHAST NOTRA meet and is currently #1 NOTRA Basenji for the year with 19.5 pts.
    In two weeks we go to regain his #1 spot in LGRA.I'm trying to make him the first basenji in history to hold the #1 spot in both LGRA/NOTRA.
    Rocky is a SUPERDOG! Lightning fast and a momma's boy.
    I'm sooooooooo proud of him and hope to have many more years of racing with him.

    Kathryn D. Ladick
    Jaroufa Hounds

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