Basenji sitting on other dogs' heads

  • Do your Basenjis sit on your other dogs?
    It's been established that my Bailey is a little pill, but she does the strangest thing when she is annoyed with one of the other dogs, she'll sit down on top of the other dog's head. She calmly looks around the room and at me - then gets that "Oopsy, am I sitting on YOUR head?" look. She is a very strong female, and I swear if she could laugh out loud, she would be when she does this.

  • First Basenji's

    That's hysterical!!! I want to see pics!!! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    LOL! Cody used to do that to Remi! Granted, Remi is 100% Meanness poured into a cute puppy package, so usually Cody did this after he was tired of Remi's antics.

    Remi would be taking a two minute rest break from attacking/pouncing/playing with Cody. Usually he would rest on the cushion by the window. Cody would just calmly walk over to the window, circle around by Remi, sit right on his head, and look at me with his forehead wrinkled so as to say, "Mama, you know you'd have done the same thing if he was going after your dangley-bits, if you had them."

  • Houston

    Otis does that sometimes, and he always does it to the dachshund, the dog that can't stand him, so funny..

  • :D:D:D Would love to see pics

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