Over a 1000 animals seized in Texas

Today is a sad day here in Houston, The local SPCA raided a property after getting tipped and seized over 1000 animals that were in deplorable condition. It saddens and disgusts me to know that these types of places exist.
I do not know if any Basenjis were present, but will try to find out.


Unfortunately it will not be the last if there's $ to be made off these poor creatures. Just like dog and rooster fighting it's a constant battle.

First Basenji's

I was heartsick when I saw this too, not a very proud moment for TEXAS.
We need stiffer penalities for humans that abuse animals…..

I am so sorry to see this again but there are no penalities hard enough for people like that. Just need a cage and left giving just what they are doing to there animals.

Rita Jean

Its awful..poor, poor animals.

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