Jobs with animals

I would like to start working in the animal industry. Sitting behind a desk all day long, not doing anything that is motivating or helping anything or anyone is just not for me. I have done it long enough.

I am willing to go back to school or get whatever training nessassary. I have been looking around and talking to a few people at the dog parks.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have raised animals (cats & dogs) all my life.

You can try and get into vet school, but that is many years of schooling. Vet techs are similar to nurses, and assist vets. I think that is a 2 year program at Jr. colleges.

I do not know if Canada has certified vet technicians but check into that. In the USA there are regular vet techs and certified vet techs. The American Veterinarian Medical Assocation-AVMA accredits the degree programs to become a certified vet tech.


In Canada you have to become a Registered Vet Tech as well. It is a 2 year college course. You can also go and become an animal care worker which is a one year course. But the Tech's make a significant more money than the ACW's.

I have also looked into Pet sitting, Pet Walking and such because it is very big over here.

I also volunteer at the Humane Society with walking and loving the animals.

Training is another option but I do not understand how to become one. I would even think about being someones apprentice for this.

I had a friend get bitten by a dog in the neck and face right in front of my and almost die so I would also like to educate people regarding dog bites and attacks. Maybe teach kids how to tell signs of when I dog looks aggressive or not comfortable. How to approach dogs and when not too. When to do when a dog isnt yours and you are at its house.

I am looking at all my options to make sure I make the next right step in my life. I know it is with animals. Rescue, training, saving. They are all too important to me not to be more apart of that!

Dog training or becoming an animal behaviorist might be up your alley, I know there is a lot of education involved in becoming a 'real' behaviorist.

I would love to become a dog trainer. I have no idea where to start though. i have been trying to find a school or something but there is nothing. hmmm

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