Get a real job

i was waiting around the student entry and advising office at school the other day (school=Olympic college) for my quarterly advising session. i tend to make small talk everywhere i go. (hey, i am from alabama, what do you expect?) The office administrator just outright offered me a job. he said it was because i was so personable. i was not really interested, but after he told me the pay and hours i was willing to fill out the 7 page application. well that was tuesday, and it looks as though i am now employed.
i will continue persuing my nursing career, i am down to only needing 2 prerequisites to qualify for the program. all and all it seems like i am in a good place. hey, and if i loathe it…i didnt really want a job anyway. lol.

Yay You!! So, what are you doing?

Way to go!


hmm i guess we will see? i know i have to answer phones, make appointments and administer placement tests. seriously, shouldn't be too hard.

If you can raise a child and a Basenji while your Hubby is deployed I think that qualifies you to do a heck of a lot! You can handle stress! LOL!

Ambered, I bet you're also very very polite, aren't you? Your answer should be "Yes maam."

yes, ma'am
too funny, i called the guy across the street, who might even be younger than me, "sir" today.

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