Slow loris likes getting tickled



I know this might be a stupid question but what kind of animal is that ? It's cute

Very cute and that was super thanks.

Rita Jean

Quite interesting! I don't think I've seen one of those before - maybe in a zoo, but def. not as a pet - very cool!

You made my day, everyone needs a good giggle! Never knew anyone who had a slow loris as a pet - didn't even know you could have them. Tell us about it - does it litter train? Does it walk on a leash? How adorable - and the music is so fitting.

Our B's would undoubtedly look at it like a fun little chew toy, however.

Thanks ! I never knew about them 🙂

So very cute!

Looks like a mini Sloth just without the claws. Very cute!

She is pretty cute even when eating!

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