• I have a friend, Sandy, who has a chow mix dog, recently he has started getting territorial with her, her husband (bit him last night) and other pets over certain places in the house. She thinks he may be territorial over her with the others as well. He has started to become rather grouchy in the last 6 months but normally is social, very shy and friendly otherwise especially with her 10 year old grandson. When she tries to groom him he snaps at her (and bit her) a few weeks ago her groomer had a real struggle with him he was being very aggressive towards the groomer. Buster is 3 years old.

    I suggested getting an Animal Behaviorist but we don't know where to find one, does anyone have any suggestions?


  • http://www.iaabc.org/

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • If this is a recent change, has the dog been seen by a vet? When a dog is in pain they will often have a behavorial change and be more grouchy and not like being touched.

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