Companion Animal Protection Society (CAP)

  • I would like to have them take a look at that pet store I got AJ's new food from in Bradenton, Florida…Petland 3530 53rd Ave W.

    When I got the food, there were at least 50 puppies for sale in there, mostly small breeds and some of them with wet eyes and brown staining around the eyes. Puppies doubled and tripled in cages and advertising for payment plans to buy the pups. I asked whether they ever got Basenjis in there....the owner said he hadn't yet but could order one for me. HUH??? How could I possibly purchase a puppy who I had no idea what its history was, where it came from, who its parents were....And how does a retail pet store "order" a Basenji?

    I almost returned all the food I bought, but AJ needed it and I can't just go to a pet store whenever I want to. I was a little miffed about it.

    Yeah, I know...I sound like a hypocrit because I took AJ without meeting his parents and all that, but I think it was a slightly different situation. He's my rescue boy and I do know his history.

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