• hello i am new to this forum and not quite sure where to go for some help. My basenji of just about 8 years is starting to growl and lunge at my 1 year old…she doesn't have many teeth due to tooth removal( poor teeth) but it isn't acceptable and we are worried about our child. We need to find another suitable home for her....someone with experience with moody basenjis . Please we are in desperate need to find a home.please let me know if anyone has any ideas

  • Please contact BRAT. www.basenjirescue.org

  • If she just started this it sounds like she needs her full blood work done for a thyroid level check. If it's low, which it probably is it can be easily and cheaply handled with thyroid pills and you can keep her. Low thyroid can cause the moodiness and aggression. When's the last time you had her in the vet for a check up? Bad teeth can make her sick too.

  • Houston

    I am so sorry you are having problems with your B. I would, unless you have yourself set on finding her a new home, have some preliminary tests done, to at least rule out thyroid and other health related grumpiness. Who knows maybe something is bothering her in her own body, and she doesn't know how to deal with it..and usually the one that is the newest in the household gets the grump..not cool/OK or anything like that, but sometimes that happens.
    If not, and you are ready to find her a forever home, please look into BRAT. They will evaluate any and all homes possible for her, so she will find a great new forever home..

  • I am with dash go to BRAT.

    Rita Jean

  • Have you thought about getting a behaviorist to work with her and the family? Many times any dog will be uncomfortable with toddlers …..

  • I would get her to a vet first for a full physical, thyroid checked by blood test and teeth checked. If the teeth are bad she may have gum infections which are quite painful. If she's sick she'll be irritable just like a sick person.

  • Have you contacted her breeder?

  • I'll ditto what's said – call the vet and the breeder (if you know) then a behavior trainer (if you can afford it) then BRAT. And here's hoping it all works out okay for all concerned.

  • I agree with all the suggestions to go with BRAT - very understandable that you fear for your child after all -

  • I agree with both points.

    One-take her to the vet. I just had to have one of my 7 year old's teeth pulled. She has a check up every year, and last year she was fine. Something happened to one of her teeth in this last year. She was VERY grumpy.

    Two-I just rescued a 1 1/2 year old male from BRAT. If you can't keep your pup, please, please contact them. They will find the right home for you basenji and make sure she is loved.


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  • I believe this post is from 2009 Debra.

  • LOL Arlene, some spammer hit it, I opened it and didn't notice the dates. Okay so any idea what happened?

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