• So Gizmo was clearly in need of something hard to chew. He has been ignoring his toys (most of which are soft).

    So I bought these ox-hide small bones, and Gizmo eats and chews these in minutes. Also he worries me because he is so frantic in eating them, there is a big chance he will choke on the final 2-3cm. So I always watch, and take it away once it's small enough to be a danger.

    Anyways, today I bought a adult bone, and these are about the size of 2 of his legs put together. Now this one seems like is gonna last, BUT he is going nuts over it. At times he is getting frustrated, and dropping it only to jump and pounce on it a bit. The he goes at it again.

    I am just a bit worried if it's too big and could damage his jaws, maybe strain his muscles…he is really putting all he has at it, and chewing like mad.

    Any thoughts?

  • By the sound of your post, I thought I was going to see a pic of some giant bone. :D:D:D:D I think he'll be fine with the one in the pic. 😉

    You always have to be careful of broken pieces that he can swallow or choke on and yes, you are right to take it away when the size becomes worrisome.

    In my house, my pup's favourite chew (even over real bones) was/is a Nylabone dental dinosaur (specifically the brontosaurus) - that and the belt on my brother's bathrobe. 😉

  • Houston

    I would say that bone looks fine, as long as you make sure pieces aren't breaking off, and once it gets small enough to go down his throat, take it awasy..or mabe even take it away before it gets to that point..LOL.
    Most dogs I have had in the past loves the nylabones, not my current pack, so I guess they are all different.

  • Jaycee likes the nylabones but you need to watch those because she can tear one apart in day and get little pieces off. Jaycee gets it were she can chew pieces off it's gone we get a new one. You may go through a few of those bones we do.

    Rita Jean

  • Sadly no one sells them nylabones here. Norway sucks when it comes to animal products. I might just order some off the internet, but doing that Norway forces a 25% of the product cost for customs, and you end up with one really expensive order.

    Went through the whole animal foods section of the local stores and they ALL had animal byproducts and other waste in the contents…sheeesh. So I pretty much have to travel into the city to the animal shop, and buy stuff their at real high prices.

  • Sorry you may have to start selling them.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    What if I sent you one as a gift? Would you get taxed then as well?

  • I like that Basenjimamma if they are a gift I will send several also. Let us know.

    Rita Jean

  • Gifts go through, no problems. But I can't allow you guys to do that. lol, that would make me feel like a beggar or something. Thanks for offering though.

  • Who said you were a beggar???? I am not doing it for you I am doing it for the baby and I would love to send them. I need a address not sure how you go about giving us that. Please Christmas early we are all family on here so join in. Not sure who we ask about how to exchange address. Please let me send them it fun to watch them go after it.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    It wouldn't be a problem for Otis and me to send little Gizmo some bones, so please don't feel that it would be.

  • I've been using a few sterilized beef bones for Kananga. They are rather cheap and are simple. I've used them for years and dogs simply cannot break these apart. You can fill them with goodies as well.

    The only thing I worry about at times is that Kananga likes to (sometimes) chew on the outside of the bone with his front teeth. He tries to dig into the side of the bone. I've never seen a dog chew that way and worry it might wear down his front teeth abnormally. Normally though he will chew on the edges with his back teeth. His bones still looks brand new months later.

  • Can't we send Private Messages in this forum? Wanted to give my address.

  • Houston

    yes we can, just click on the person that you want to contact screen name, click on "view public profile and that will take you to their "personal side". I believe it is Ok to post emails on there.
    Otis and I are still serious regarding the bones..

  • I did a help thread about how to get address but no one said anything. Please try what basenjimamma said and let us both know. Ready to send bones to little one.

    Rita Jean

  • NerdyDog Owner go to my Help Post and there is answer on how to send a address.

    Or you can just try it says go all way to the bottom to right and go to Contact Us.

    Rita Jean

  • wow, what a road to take just to send you my address. lol, this has to be the first forum that does not have PMs. Ah well.

    Anyways, I asked the admin to send you my email. So just send me a mail, and I will send you my address….phew.

    If you have a Paypal account I would gladly reimburse you for the cost and postage.

  • Although I do give Gossy the nubby nylabones once in awhile (although the nubby digestable ones are hard to find), almost every day she'll get a raw soup/marrow bone. After she's chewed the goodies from these, i'll save them and fill the center with peanut butter/plain yougurt and some kibble and freeze it. She chew on these treat bones until all the goodies are gone and then keeps chewing on them until they are neatly polished – even gnaws on them several days or weeks later. It does a good job on her teeth.

  • Houston

    that is exactly what my dogs get, although I fill mine with raw ground beef and veggies, as a meal, and freeze them like that..they love'em. Yes, their teeth look smashing, Otis and one of our mutts are puppies yet so their teeth better look good, if you know what I mean, but our 5+ yr old dachshunds teeth look great even after been told he has got to undergo serious dental cleaning..no more!
    Another thing I heard is good for the dogs to chew on is the deer's antlers, although cleaned I am sure.
    NerdyDogOwner, you might be able to find that in your norwegian neck of the woods..I know deer is plentiful in sweden (my home away from home).

  • WHAT!!! Basenjis aren't suppose to EAT their toys! :eek:

    My little darlings can destroy a toy before it is out of the shopping bag.
    They'd rather drag rocks inside the house - not just any rock, but those covered in MUD.

    Does anyone buy the Merrick cow hoofs? Those last a long time and all the dogs love them.

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