Greetings from Cumbria - U.K.

Hi everyone … I'm another member new to the forum, busy exploring all the various areas at the moment and discovering a number of names and dogs I know and many more that I don't.

We have five Basenji's at the moment ... two 12 year old litter sisters, two 7 year old litter brothers and a three month old puppy and between them all we are kept quite busy.

More to follow when I sort out the forum's organisation and various discussion threads.

Hi Ron,

Nice to see you here:D


Welcome Ron and Basenji clan to the forum. Post some pictures if you can.

Hi Ron, I'm a newbie too.

Marley came from Cumbria πŸ˜ƒ

Hello Ron and welcome. I am sure your house is busy with 5 basenjis running around in the house. Please let us see pictures of all of them.

Rita Jean

Hi Ron (and Ruth) - welcome to the forum - Tilly says hello


welcome here Ron πŸ™‚

Hi Ron,
nice to see you on the forum, we met you at Blackpool and at the NBS. We are the people who are looking to get a pup soon.
I'm sure you will enjoy it here.


Hi Ron and pack, welcome onboard, nice to have y'all here.

We love pictures..

Hi Ron,

Welcome to the Forum. Great to see you here

Steve, Sue & Poppy .

Hi Ron, welcome to the forum, so pleased you found it (My dogs are Marzuku, in case you wondered who I was)

First Basenji's

Welcome Ron,

I'm new too, I have 2-9month old boy brothers and our Lady Belle who will be 2 in Novemnber.

Send pics, see my pack in the HART album:)

Welcome to our pack! It's so fun to "meet" basenji people from other countries.

Welcome to the forum Ron

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