Martingale Collars

It seems that martingale collars come up in discussions frequently. I thought I would show off some pics of my girls in their brand new martingales. These ones are nice and wide so they are great at the race meets to reduce the pressure on their tracheas when they are pulling like mad for the lure.

You can see the difference between their wide martingales and the more traditional martigale.


I like them very much! I just ordered two for Tillo. How wide are yours?

I think they are 3 inches wide at the center and then she tapers them down to 1 inch on the sides so they are more comfortable when the dogs are laying.

Who makes them and does she have a website?


I love the look of the wider ones, makes them look so regal.. I would love to know as well where you got them. I am actually playing with the thought of making my own for Otis, since you can by the rings and fittings at various places..

I got them at race meet this weekend. The woman who makes them owns whippets and makes the collars and you can also get matching beads to go with the collars but that was too much for my husband.

My mom took her business card but I didn't grab one for myself so I will have to ask her if they have a website.

Ok, I do not think this is off subject, still think they are called martingales, but I have been in search for over 4 years for a particular collar. My first girl that I got thru BRAT was wearing one when I got her. The outside was a strong material with backing, the inside had a type of 'thick elastic band' that tightened when tested. So it is the inside of collar that tightens, outside part of collar doesn't - I LOOOVEED this collar - maybe not for lure activities, but for home and walks- it was fantastic-plus they looked great… I did call my BRAT contact to check where I could get more, but they were not sure. SO, if anyone knows what I am talking about, please let me know.... it was about 10 years ago when I got my girl. Thanks --

Ivoss if you talk with your mother and she still has the info would also like to know.
Thank you.

Rita Jean

My favorite martingale site is: lots of links on right, multiple pages for each link, lots of color, size, and pattern choices as well.

lvoss, I too would like to have a look at where yours are made. They look stunning on your dogs, and I always preferred the look of the tapered type.

I have found lots of websites for martingale collars but none that have the taper style.
If you find the information let us know or is someone knows a source for this style please post. Thanks greatly.

I also have never seen a wide front with tapered edge martindale coller. Please point me in the right direction I would be interested in purchasing a couple for my guys.

We also have these collars.. I love them!

We always buy them at This lady makes them by hand…

You can see the collars of the boys here


I found a website, finally, that has the tapered martingale collars..

I looked at the ones on the website from Basenjimamma but they all looked like they were leather. The other ones did not look like leather but could have been. Ones on Buana B's above do not look like leather but could be. I really do like that picture of the three of them together.

Rita Jean

My mom will send me the information when she gets home. The collars I have are not leather and they are all lined with faux fur to be soft against their necks.

Thank you looks like there are several of us on the collar info. Thanks again.

Rita Jean

While I am waiting for my mom to email me, I did a web search now that I got Debbey's last name from my mom and turned up this website for her with pictures of her collars and the beads that she makes for the dogs.


Ivoss, thanks for that info, I like her collars, don't know if my hubby will go for them though, they are very decorative..whicha is a good thing..for me.

She does have some very decorative ones but they are well made. My mom got one for Bella back in May and it is surviving basenji puppyhood very well. I compromised with my husband by getting the collars but not the beads so we were both happy.

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