Wild Fire! at Medfly S.Caif Basenji Rescue, Karen Jones

  • The Acton Forest fires are racing straight towards the Southern California Basenji Rescue.org (aka Medfly Brigade) ?run by Karen & Chuck Jones. I spoke to her on 8/30 at 2:30pm. She could only say they were in trouble & fleeing with their clan of Basenji rescues. The News I saw said: 80' tall flames, wild, only 5% contained, little hope in sight. It'd take many miracles for the ranch to survive. I'll post destination updates, since some of the evacuation roads were unsafe or blocked.

    Please spread the word, and if anyone can help, or make suggestions, please let me know. Maybe a senior forum member can set up a fund?
    Karen will need $$ to pay for temp shelters and extra help.
    I'll wait to post their phone/email, so they don't get overwhelmed
    with condolences for now.
    Thank you ever so much!
    I have one of Karen's Basenjis & live in Alameda, CA.

  • Please post soon as you know were we can send money or bedding or what ever. Prayers go there way in hopes the fire changes direction or anything to save them. Thank you for letting us all know. My best to them.

    Rita Jean

  • Thank you for letting us know. I have posted to one of the basenji email lists and will get in contact with the Basenji Fanciers of Southern California so they are aware also.

  • Oh, no!

    I'll watch here for updates - guessing Karen may not be on email for a bit. There are a number of us in San Diego that might be able to help with donations and possibly temporary foster homes. Last I heard Karen and Chuck had a pretty full (dog) house.

  • One of our members (South Coast Basenji Fanciers) in Nuevo has offered space at her home - she has a (presently empty) 3 stall barn and some runs available. The club will certainly also help with donations as will individual members. As soon as Karen and Chuck are able to communicate, let us know!


  • There is an outpouring of people who would like to help Karen and Chuck. I have been contacted by many people from the basenji lists letting me know they are willing to help as soon as it is known what they need.

  • The help out pouring is great! When I was there in May it looked like Karen and Chuck have done a good job of keeping the brush cleared back and they have tile roofs on the house and kennels. There are very few trees as well.

  • Please let me know where to send donations. I usually send my donations to their PO BOX in Acton, CA.

    Sergio Rangel

    South Coast Basenji Fanciers Member

  • Yes, please confirm where to send $$ if you can. I'll keep them all in my thoughts and prayers. If anyone has an update as well…

  • Houston

    Me too, on letting me know where to send donation or how I can help. I would take some of the dogs in, but geographically that might be hard..

  • I just received an email from A breeder friend that her best friend in San Diego is offering housing and money. They offered quote "temporary housing, money, dog transport - just name it - we are there". The Basenji community is really stepping up to help. Karen and Chuck thank you all!

  • I will try and call Karen's cell and see if they are OK and get info as to where to send donations.

  • I just spoke with Chuck and they are still at the ranch. The winds have shifted a bit and kept the fire up on the hills. If it changes and they have to leave he will call me. Any donations will help just send to their PO box. He said the house and kennels would be OK in the fire. It's very clear around the place. The smoke would be the problem for the dogs. They thank you all!

  • If there is anything I can help with, please ask.

  • @Vicki:

    If there is anything I can help with, please ask.

    They will gratefully take any donation of money. Just make it out to Medfly Basenji Rescue.


  • Just sent my donation to Medfly Basenji Rescue.

  • @chico90069:

    Just sent my donation to Medfly Basenji Rescue.

    They thank you Chico!:)

  • Thank you for the update Dan. I am trying to get the word out to everyone who has been asking.

  • Houston

    Dan, thanks for the update, will send money too..

  • So glad to hear this. I talked to them yesterday and it sounded like they had a good escape plan, but this fire is pretty scary–I can see it all the way from my house.

    My check, as they say, is in the mail.

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