Wild pack of basenjis in rural Florida

Thanks for sharing the story, now please share some photos!

Hi everyone,

I have posted some pictures in my album. If you click on my name (abreaze) a drop down menu should appear. Click on "View public profile" and it should take you to my page where you can access my album. If you hover your curser over each picture you should see a caption.
Let me know if this works.

Having fun this beautiful day with my little pack.


Jabu is a handsome young dude. Thank goodness for the rescue of these dogs. Hopefully they will all find good homes.

Great photos. I hope all of these b's get loving homes.

Congratulations! Jabu is darling and lucky to have you for his forever home.

Check out the new thread re Fl BRAT puppies needing homes.
Maybe there is one for you???


Here is the mahogany colored female, Kizzie, with green-gold eyes…stunning!

Well, thanks to this thread (dont know how I missed the story in the news), we visited Pam and the rescued Basenji's today. We brought our 10 year old basenji with us, and we all had a blast. We decided to adopt Kizzie and give her the loving home she deserves. We recently lost a beagle of 10 years and our basenji has been so lost without "her beagle". My wife and I love animals, have been married 21 years, and have no kids, so our animals have always been our kids. They are spoiled just as much as any of our friends or relatives kids, and we enjoy doing it. We are ready for the unique challenge that awaits us. Our goal is to get Kizzy comfortable enough that she want to go out in the boat with us, as we live on the Gulf, and our basenji loves to go boating.
Pam still had at least 1 puppy, a few kids and lots of adults available. My wife would have taken a few more home if I would have agreed.:)

God bless you! Enjoy your new family member

Awesome! I love Kizzie, I worked with her and 4 others while they were still at the shelter. She is gorgeous and was a sweetheart. I haven't sen her in along time and am so glad she found her forever home.

We have a group that gets together in Tampa every Sunday, would love to have you join us once you get her settled. One of the boys in that shelter kid-group was adopted by a Clearwater couple and has come to the park to meet the "big basenji gang" and he did great.

At any rate, big congratulations and maybe we can meet up someday!

Great news Triciaw, welcome to the forum.
Pics would be great:D

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