• Hi all,

    Just wanted to share the good news; Shango and I have adopted Spencer! But we've decided to name him Mowgli after the playful boy in The Jungle Book!

    Here are his pictures, more to follow when he becomes adjusted to his new home:

    He and Shango met without any signs of aggression, traveled in the car for 3 hours together, sleeping in the sun in the back seat. He's very, very submissive and very, very timid; (having a hard time getting him to eat anything, he doesn't know what toys are, and he wouldn't run around the fenced-in field at the end of the street, even when Shango initiated play with him) but he's still very new to the situation so here's hoping that he warms up and comes out of his shell a bit!

    His sister,Olivia is still there is anyone wants to go help the little girl!

    We're very excited to have a new pup in the home, get ready for a LOT of posts from me, asking advice!


    Andrew and Shango (and now Mowgli!)

  • Woo hoo! You did it!!! I'm happy for Mowgli, Shango, and you.

  • Great! Just take it slow and be very patient with Mowgli and he will gradually feel more and more comfortable. Big changes and a lot of new things can be overwhelming for a animal.

  • Houston

    Happy, happy, happy hugs to all of you..that just made my day to hear that you and Shango got a new bud and packmember..finally a brindle boy…joy..Mowgli..too precious for words.

  • Be calm and let the dog adjust. Good luck

  • That is great and your one happy family. Like the new name and it fits him. Looks so handsome and I know there are lots of happy days to come. Thank you for giving him a great home.

    Rita Jean

  • Congrats with Mowgli!!!!!

    He's going to have wonderfull years!!!!

  • congratulations, You have two beautiful fur kids.

  • congratulations, You have two beautiful fur kids.

  • That's great!! Finally you have your Brindle!! 😃 He's a lovely boy and I really like the name Mowgli 🙂

  • Congrats! He's gorgeous!

  • First Basenji's

    Congrats! Cody and I are so happy for all three of you! He so cute!

  • Congrats Andrew! You finally found Shango's perfect partner in crime. 🙂 Good luck with Mowgli and let us know how he does as he settles in!

  • So great your Brindle boy found you at last. Congrats to the whole family!:D

  • That is so fantastic! Congratulations! For what it's worth, Yoshi was extremely fearful and unwilling to eat or play for about the first month I had him. Now he's the boss of all the four-legged members of the house.

    Mowgli is beautiful, and lucky to have a place with you and Shango.

  • Mowgli looks great, very pleased for you and looking foward to hearing all about him and Shango. Lets hope his sister finds a great home to.

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