• We have finally returned from a week showing in Ireland. It was a really exhausting but very fun time. I have only taken a couple of pics which I will add later. I'm useless at remembering to take my camera and judging is SSSOOO fast that you just don't have time for pictures.

    Anyway, our first show, Navaan, was indoors at the National Show Centre near Dublin. Nakura and Trouper both received the reserve green stars that day. A good start me thinks!!

    Second show was near our caravan site at Clonmel in South Tipperary (not such a long way!). Nakura and Chance won the Green Stars with Chance going on to win BOB. Trouper also won his class being graded excellent.

    Third show was Killarney, a little bit of a drive for us but what a beautiful setting in the grounds of the Abbey. Here all dogs were graded excellent and Nakura won the reserve green star. The BOB Basenji went on to take Group 3.

    Limerick show was next. Again, all dogs graded excellent. Nakura and Chance winning the Green Stars and Trouper winning the Reserve green star. Chance went on to win BOB and was shortlisted in the group under Andrew Brace!!!! :eek:

    Our last show was at Tralee. Again, all dogs were graded excellent. Trouper won the reserve green star. Unfortunately, that morning Nakura ripped one of her toenails off so was very lame. I took her in the ring and explained to the judge. Thankfully she settled long enough for the judge to assess her. She now has her toenail removed and a big pink bandage on her foot.

    The days inbetween the shows were spent doing nothing but lazing around the caravan site. The dogs and us were very grateful for the rest.

    In total we have returned with 4 green stars, 5 reserve green stars, 3 Res BOBs and 2 BOBs. We can't wait for next year. 😃

  • Houston

    What an excellent week for all of you..congrats. Poor Nakura..

  • Wow! What a big week…Congratulations to all! that is wonderful...sorry about Nakura's toe...ouch!....

  • Great results! Congrats!

  • Congratulations sounds like you had a great time! We were beginning to wonder if you had got lost, it seems as if you have been away ages! 🙂

  • Glad you had a good time! I've been wanting to do the circuit for years, i'd love to take Maya and a couple of puglets there next year! I was due to be renting a little cottage with some pug friends to do it last year but it all fell through!! It does sound like a great experience though, well done on all your fantastic results!!

    And poor Nakura, that sounds nasty!!

  • Not sure what all that means but sounds really great and congratulations.

    Rita Jean

  • Congratulations to you all.Great results 🙂 When i heard about Nakuras claw i went all funny, poor girl.

  • Hi Victoria,
    Glad you all enjoyed the trip!

    More rosette's than Ipswich Town! (My football team!)

    I know, I know…...................not exactly difficult!!!!!

    Well done to you all and lets hope Nakura's foot is fine,

    Speak soon,


  • Well done Vicki and dogs. I was wondering how you got on and I have only just found the thread.

  • Very successful trip, many congrats :D.
    I hope Nakura will be good soon.

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