Mody"s great summer

I would like to share some pics from our great summer walks in nature. Enjoy.
Mody loves running….

…with friends....

In the forrest:

My loves:

I like the pictures so much… Mody has such a sweet face... and the Ridgeback... wow...

Great pictures Petra, she looks lovely

Thanks. We just have to use these wonderfull sunny days!

Great pictures:D Basenjis and RR's look nice together.

Great pics! The last one is my favorite! I can see she's enjoying her summer days! 😃 I really like the harnass she's wearing, it looks very nice on her 🙂


What beautiful dogs, the RR and the B. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Beautiful photos of beautiful dogs! Love the action shots…wonderful photography!

Wonderful pictures and Mody looks beautiful. All dogs look great. How do you get the pictures on here I have a awful time? Thank you for sharing wish I could go play like all of them.

Rita Jean

Great pictures. Looks like Mody had a wonderful summer!

Are you taking these yourself? They are amazing!! I would LOVE to have photos like that of my B but my photography skills are horrible. I am so jealous, wish you lived in MN or hec the states so I could have you take some of my Bs!

Thanks for sharing! Love all the pictures you share!!

It is not me, who takes the pictures ( unfortunatelly, I would like to know it and have such a good camera).It is a friend of my mum, who is so kind and clever, I only give the objects:) But you are warmly welcome anytime and we can make some pics for you:)

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