New adopted baby Cooper

As I have stated recently in some of my posts I just got a new rescue puppy from BRAT! His name is Cooper. We drove to Ohio to pick him up about a week and a half ago and I just thought that I would post some pics of him so everyone can see my new sweet boy! Some of the pics on here are of Cooper when he was a baby that the previous owner had sent to me.

Cooper is very beautiful nice looking. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Rita Jean

He is SOOOO cute! Congrats on your new "baby"! Please post more pics and updates when you can!

cute boy! Congrats!



Congrats on your new baby. He is gourgeous..and very lucky to have you in his life.

Congrats with the new furbaby!!!

He looks great!!!

That's great! Cooper is a great looking tri.

Hey! That boy looks familiar!!! He looks so happy!

Why are these dogs so DARN cute. you just want to HUG them all whenever their pictures are posted. and you want adopt every single one you see. 🙂 congrats!!!!

What a lucky boy! He seems very happy.

Do you know anything about his background, as to why/how he ended up at BRAT?

NerdyDogOwner-I only know so much about him his previous owner stated that she could not take care of him due to lack of time and funds. He was born 12/20/2008 came from a breeder in Texas. Dash probably knows more than I do! I was about to look him up and see if I can find out more about him!

looked him up on ZandesBasenjis his dad is registered but his mom is not or at least not on there or can't find any info on her. He is a very beautiful dog his fur is shiney and smooth and he has very good temperment. As soon as the full adoption goes thru I will get him tested for fanconi. Right now I am just trying to get him used to Abby, she is such a brat and that is being nice! 🙂

The girl who owned him was about 20 yrs old and was living with her sister, mother and another older dog. She bought Cooper from a breeder in Texas. Against her sisters wishes, according to the sister. The girl really loved the dog but the current older dog did not like the puppy and so she had to keep Cooper confined to the upstairs. She said she walked him a lot though. But she was so busy with school and church he really spent much of his time in his crate. She also did not have extra funds to vaccinate or neuter him. She contacted the breeder to return him but the breeder said she would have fly him back and she didn't have the funds. So after discussing with her sister and mother it was decided to surrender him to BRAT.

I am wondering though. There was a girl that came on here to talk about getting a pup but her mom would not help her with it. I remember everyone telling her not to but I am wondering if it is the same person.

Thanks Jennifer for all the info! just for the record he is a lovely young boy and he is very happy here with his new sisters. I keep in contact with his former owner and send her pics of him to let her know how he is doing. I understand that it is very difficult to have to give up your dog, I can't even imagine having to give up one of mine, so I choose to keep her up to date with Cooper! He is getting along really well here, I am however working on some potty issues but he's doing better at that too.

I think there is a pic of Cooper as a pup in this thread,

The story matches what you know about Cooper's background.

AdOrAbLe!!!! Thanks for Sharing the Pics!!!


I think there is a pic of Cooper as a pup in this thread,

The story matches what you know about Cooper's background.

I knew I had heard the story before, but could not find it. Thanks Lisa. Glad to know I am not crazy.


I think there is a pic of Cooper as a pup in this thread,

The story matches what you know about Cooper's background.

Wow, that is the pup…his markings match perfectly. Her other posts in other threads call him by his name, Cooper.

Abby...congrats on your new b - looks like he and Abby are adjusting well! 🙂

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