• sound ON please 😃

    this film is allready 2 years old , filmed with my phone, but I thought it would be nice to share 😃 Jenson was 2 years old here. Also listen to the song he is singing along with, ironic isnt it? :p

  • My husband wasn't watching but came in and listened and said it sounded like an Elk in rut. Now that I listen to it again (without watching) I can hear the similarities.

    Great vid. Thanks!

  • First Basenji's

    Great Video! Cody actually came running into the room when to see where the other B was! Then he situated himself between me and the computer when he figured out that was where the other B was at. Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • Houston

    Awesome. Otis came running too, but he doesn't make a single sound (as of yet)..but he tilted his head back and forth and clearly heard the commotion..funny.

  • I played this on my laptop while Cody was laying beside me. I thought he was going to give himself whiplash from twisting his head back and forth. He was trying to figure out why there was a basenji trapped in the laptop. LOL. He even licked the screen.

  • It does sound like an elk - or maybe a cross between the tornado siren and a rooster.
    I'll have to have Gossy listen to it when she comes home from daycare - see what she thinks.

  • LMAO Kura sings like this when my husband comes home from work. : )

  • So funny!!! Love it!
    That is the yodel that Nala does when we leave her in the yard and go off for a walk or hike. She holds those "sharp" roos for so long it almost sounds like a train whistle or something!!

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