• We are having basenji withdrawals. My parents agreed to watch our B's for us while we went on vacation last week and we don't get them back until Saturday. Twelve days without our kids is just too long!!

    They are having a great time being spoiled by Grandma and Papa, but we can't wait for them to come home!

  • You're on vacation yet you're not because there's that empty feeling. Now you're longing to get home.

  • That's why you should take your dog(s) with you!! 😃 😃 😉

  • Just wait you said spoiled by grandma and papa. Enjoy your vacation as the kids may not let you rest for a few days after you get home. Really I am sure they miss you also. Looks like fun days ahead.

    Rita Jean

  • People have told me that they took their dog to doggie day care while on vacation and the dog had such a good time it didn't want to go home.

  • Nobarkus this can be true 2 years ago this November we found a Shiba Inu running loose and we caught her called all numbers on the collar and let messages. No one ever called us back I took the number and found the address went there no answer at door left message.

    This went on until first of year. Called dog catcher no one was looking for her. My daughter started calling her Missy for the missing dog. Just after first year lady called and it was her owner she had been in hosp and had been very sick.

    She wanted to come get her dog and we were all happy I ask her if she could come about four after my daughter got home from school I knew she would want to say good bye.

    When lady came Missy had nothing to do with her at all. Lady had to put a leash on her and drag her out of our house. About broke our hearts happy she had her home back but she did not want to go. Lady told us she had five others and was getting a new puppy another Shiba, Missy was about nine months old.

    So it does work that away about not wanting to go home.

    Rita Jean

  • Well if nothing else, they will be happy to be home because they get to sleep with us. My parents don't let them sleep with them, so I know that will be a happy reason for them to be home…for them and us!

    And Janneke, if we had gone anywhere other than Las Vegas I would have brought them with us!! That just didn't seem like a good place for the B's!

  • @Kona:

    And Janneke, if we had gone anywhere other than Las Vegas I would have brought them with us!! That just didn't seem like a good place for the B's!

    It's tough enough to trust B's with our belongings. Having B's with you and your wallet in Vegas just sounds like trouble.

  • They'll need a good romp at the park when you get home!!! I know Kona and Keoki will be glad to have you back. Enjoy Vegas!

  • I recently returned from a week's vacation and picked up Gossy from her "vacation" (she stayed with the breeder). She was happy there but still happy to see me. When we got home though she was just crazy - running everywhere, couldn't chase enough squirrels, throwing blankets and pillows off couches and beds - I didn't know whether she was happy to be home or just getting back at me 😃

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