• Joey had his dew claws removed early on, but one grew back. I want to have it removed when he gets neutered. He'll be 13 months. I have hesitated to post this as I want the dew claw removed, but I think some of you may say that it just isn't worth it for Joey. I have gotten brave enough to dive in for comments!

  • I dont think it is a bad thing to want to have the dew claw removed. It sounds to me like you have your dog's best interests in mind. Accidents have happened to dogs w/ them. I for one had a neighbor who got his caught in the carpet and it was a painful experience for the poor dog. Preventing an accident IS a good thing. 😃

  • Since he will be under for the neuter anyways, this would be the best time to have it done. If you have specific concerns about the surgery you can ask your vet before the day of the surgery.

  • OK, where are the rest of ya??? 😃

  • Having to deal with a dog who has them, and hasn't had any surgeries (got her spayed at a yr old)… with horrible curling dew claws, you won't get any flack from me for removing them! Honest we are having her put under to clean her teeth and I really am thinking about asking the vet how horrible I would be to have them removed! She'll probably tell me not to, but they are a major pain.

  • Hmmm. I guess it is similar to any other surgery and this is what I have to decide. I have to check the cost as well. I still have to chat with my vet too.
    Thanks for the info. Wondering…do you cut her dew claws like her nails?

  • I agree with having them removed! and I WISH I had done it. I, too, have heard of dogs getting injuries w/ the dews… they get caught. My own dog has caught his a couple of times, thankfully, nothing serious (yet).

    So if the dog is under anyways - I say go for it!

    and yes, I cut my dog's dew claws like the rest of his nails.

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