• Corrina is a rescue, who, definately has the "whats in it for me" attitude to say the least. She's the love of my life, but we're going on week 3 and im pulling my hair out some days!

    Like today. Most days she wakes me up around 7-8 am to go pee. I woke today at 930, asking her if she had to go potty, and she j/ layed there, and went back to sleep. Once i got up, she lazily got up.. It had been raining and still was.. i know bas's dislike rain, but the last time we were in it she semi-tolerated it. Well, we got the harness on, and went outside, but Miss Corrina would not leave the porch. In fact, she peed on it.. so now the front porch that i share with 4 other humans smells like pee… even though i had OBVIOUSLY brought the umbrella out for her!! So what do i do?? Pick her up and place her in the wet grass even though she blatantly hates the rain? i mean i guess.. but i feel so terrible. She's only stubborn, never bad. Unless shes in her puppy mode.. which includes nipping and biting. but she gets ignored when that happnens and it usually ends.

    I'm afraid to leave her home today, i have a puppy pad in the bathroom but last time it rained i took her out, she sat in wet grass (it was only spitting at this time) and the minute i brought her back inside she pooped while staring at me!
    i'd appreciate any advice, tricks or prayers.. my friend (who originally adopted corrina for her 1yr old basenji, to be his sister) decided corrina was unhappy (which was obviously true) at their house AND was staring to BITE Newbie!! so it was either me or back to the shelter and i couldnt be happier but ive never delt with such a STUBBORN DOG!!! 😕:o

  • Whether it is raining or not, you need to go on your regular walk. My boy Nicky doesn't like the rain either and when he was younger would refuse to walk. But we would walk anyway, after he got far enough away from home (sometimes I would even have to carry him) he would give in and walk. Then he would walk and walk to make sure we were both good and soaked before we went home. Now that he is 11 years old he has learned if he rushes to do his business and then we come back in.

  • Houston

    I would keep on walking Otis as well..and he hates it, but you got to go..Sometimes I ould need to pick him up, if even for a few steps and then he is better at walking..he gets the point. If he was to poop/pee once we got back home I would take him back out and reitterate that it is out here that we go to the bathroom, not in there..even though it is raining and even though he just went and he doesn't need to go more..I would still take him back out..

  • lvoss has it right. Also, I wouldn't give her the chance to refuse or the chance to pee on the deck/porch. I would pick her up and carry her out the door off the porch, onto the wet grass and walk.

    My 2 adults (got them at 2yo) both know that they will stay out in the rain (without an umbrella) until they go, so if want out of the rain, they do their business quick. Brando won't go to the bathroom (unless desperate) in his own yard, so as a result both he and Ruby get walked in the rain. They know we can go home as soon as he goes and both turn around immediately when he does. On the flip side - Ruby won't go to the bathroom on a walk (unless desperate). Once we get back to the yard, Ruby is let off leash and she goes - and both stay out until she goes. My 3rd b (7mo girl) is a freak of nature - it can be a downpour and she acts like there is no weather going on at all. She runs and plays in the yard. My other 2 look at her like there is something wrong with her. If she doesn't come back to go in out of the rain, they go and check on her to hurry her along. Needless to say, not a problem getting her to do her business in the rain.

    Just don't give in - they are stubborn and tricksters.

  • Been through it myself over many years. Patience my dear, patience. Just keep persisting. Put her leash on, pick her up and carry her out and put her on the grass. She'll go if you just calmly remain there. If she walks off the grass without going just gently turn her around and walk down the street and she will go at some point along the walk.

  • In the beginning I too allways carried my dogs out, not giving them the chance to pee/poop on the way out. And never go back indoors until they have done their business.

    For long tailed dogs you can usually grab their tail and tuck it between their legs to stop them from doing the deed. With B's though I imagine you just need to pick them up and hold their hind legs together. Dogs will never (usually) urinate on themselves.

    BTW, about the pee smelling porch , you can buy a urine remover spray at a pet store. These effectively remove the smell.

    If you can't stick to the walks no matter weather, maybe invest in a doggy litter box?

  • I agree with everyone else who has said take her out in the rain anyway. The first twenty feet of my B's walks in the rain are more drag than walk, but once she realizes she's going to walk rain or not, she picks up her pace, runs into the nearest grass to pee, then runs right out again and heads for home. If she has to do more than pee, she'll usually do it immediately after so she can go home quick.

  • i appreciate all of your feed back!! Today was basically a day of mini-tsunami's and once i got home from work we walked for an hour in the rain, me with my umbrella. We're going on week 4 and we're getting along.. except for the stealing. She only misbehaves when i'm home! When i come home from work she stretches off the couch as if she were waiting patiently to start the mayhem.
    It's fun though. I'll play along and pick her up and raspberry her belly, but once she starts biting, game over.

    My friend had adopted Corrina to be a sister for her first Basenji. Unfortunately Newbie had been raised from puppy to his perky 1 yr old present and (in my opinion) Corrina was disrespected at a puppy mill for her first 2 years. So long story short, she had drawn blood from newbis for the 3rd time and my friend decided she couldn't keep Corrina. CC and I had already created a strong relationship in the few times i had visited her house.. and Jackie wanted to know where she was going instead of back to the kennel to another strange family. Also i didn't want this sweet demeanored (at the time! ;)) pups to have to go back to a shelter. Her attitude is one of intensity and i was worried someone may not understand her and repeat what she had been though. Now we run and chase.. when i first got her i instantly found you guys and was so thankful. I now know that a tired dog truely is a happy dog, and that my corrina's lickins aren't abnormal and her tounge wont get so dry that it will start shredding my arm. 🙂

    anyway, shes upset that im on the computer.. time for bed!
    thanks again!

  • Good luck with her, it can sometimes be a battle with them when its raining, have you tried teaching her a command, I tell mine to peewee, if they have been and I have missed it they pretend to go to make me happy, they are so funny.

  • Sounds like you are doing a great job with Corrina, thanks for the update. And yes they do steal, they love plastic and tissues and just about anything they think they shouldnt have, its all for the attention. Most do love to be naughty 🙂

  • Houston

    Definitely sounds as if you are heading the rightway. Otis is a big conman, He steals anything and everything, most just to lay on, some to chew to pieces..plastic is hot on the list, bags, lids, cups you name it is all good. Paper is a second favorite, as well as clothes..just either keep things up, like Tanza said in a previous post.."having B's makes you a better housekeeper" and I believe she is right..if it is left on B's level then it is his..or so he thinks..or be prepared to have some mess to clean up..

  • We are learning if it is not high and I do mean high its free game and it's all mine. Eli had you see the word had monkey house shoes they are now Jaycee's play toys. We could have taken them but they look like stuffed animal and he had out grown them so Jaycee just cleaned house.

    Rita Jean

  • All the suggestion here are really great. I have girl basenji rescue that is stubborn when It comes to potty in the rain. I stand on the deck and she's not allowed back up until she has done her business in the back yard. Sometimes she stubborn enough that she finds a bush to lay under and stares back at me staying the entire time "I don't have to go". Cody who I got a 6 mo I trained very early you don't go you don't come back in the house. The only downfall I had with that one was when he was young and just about to poop it started to hail. We both ran back in the house. I felt so bad for him b/c he REALLY need to go. Luckily it was a short storm and we went back out.

  • GenJ…....."lays under a bush and stares at you" gave me the giggles.

    When my Kate was young, she was a privacy pooper; had to go hide in the flower beds to poop. After a year of cuss words by the DH and a variety of garden fences (which I hated and worried over) I convinced the husband to let one small patch go to tall hardy perennials which was the "poop garden" for Kate. She's not so particular now, but still uses the "poop garden" when the mood strikes her.:)

    They are the quirkiest little critters on 4 legs.

  • haha quirky indeed!! Corrina and I are making progress, i gave up on trying to be the alpha (slightly) and she seemed to appreciate it. She knows when i mean business, and is a silly little kitty in her downtime. Each morning i wake up to her precious face, which has softened with love over the past month. These dogs give such rewarding relationships!! As i stated before, i wasnt looking for dog.. but to be honest Corrina's better then any dog i could have ever wished for. We're still battling peeing in the rain, she gives me the "i dont have to go" attitude.. taking 3 steps then stopping while we're both getting drenched.. then coming in and pooping by the closet. I blame myself really, the place is so small and messy she probably doesnt understand the difference between in and outside.. but in October we're moving to a slightly more spacious abode… so we'll have the chance to start all over.

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