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What about mother/daughter relationships? Can the same thing happen?

What about separate breeds? Can a female Basenji get along with a female of another type, like one with the same energy level, a Jack Russell for instance?

Our Basenji gets along very well with our Shiba. Yes they both are females.

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What about mother/daughter relationships? Can the same thing happen?

It can happen but I think it happens less often. I think it is important to watch how the dam interacts with the pups. Rio and Rally get along wonderfully, but Rio was always very attached to both her mom and Nicky as a puppy and really always seemed like she was the right one to keep. Sophie and Rio also get along well, but Rally pretty much gave Sophie to Rio to raise at about 5 weeks old.


We have our foster Bana and our female schnauzer mix and they play like the best of friends..they might snark every now and then while playing but so does the males while playing with either each other or between the sexes.

Thanks for the advice Ivoss.
I have been watching them very closely. The 'pups' are 6 months old now. Elsa (mum) is a typical female in many ways, but has surprised us all by being quite a laid back mum. I also have a female lurcher (who was allowed to babysit the puppies) a staffie x and Dora's litter brother and everyone gets along fine at the moment. Fortunately, Dora (daughter) is submissive to Elsa and as I will not be breeding from her I shall be having her spayed.

I don't think that there is ever a hard and fast rule about mothers and daughters. Two of mine got on very well and were extremely loving until the older one tried to rescue her daughter's puppy when it was screaming because it had been separated from its mother. The daughter attacked the mother and they never got on again and eventually had to be separated.
The younger bitch now has a long lasting and loving relationship with her own daughter - so much so that the younger used to comfort suckle until she was three years old!!! They are now 12 and 9 and absolutely unseparable.
The older bitch now15, has a similar loving relationship with another granddaughter (Nakura's sister) which she raised when the mother died shortly after giving birth.

As Quercus said, it works until it doesn't. We have had 2 females (unrelated) who got on very well, and were able to recover from minor "issues", but I would rather have 2 males any day than 2 females. As we fondly say, there is a reason they call them bitches. Male fights can be bad (we had 2 brothers that had 'real' fights a few times) but they stop and are licking each other's wounds the next day. Girls seem to hold a grudge.

What if both females are spayed??? Any difference?


What if both females are spayed??? Any difference?

Usually No… IMO

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