• The popular chemical-based flea and tick control products are attracting increasing attention because of widespread side effects being reported by dog owners who have used the products. The EPA has initiated an investigation of chemical spot-on flea and tick products due to the high number of reported adverse reactions.
    Here's a quote from the report summary: "Adverse reactions reported from the spot-on products range from mild effects such as skin irritation to more serious effects such as seizures and in some cases death." Read the entire report summary here.

    The Natural Resource Defense Council has filed suit in California to block the sale of chemical-based flea and tick collars due to concerns over exposure of pets and children to toxic chemicals.

    If you use these products keep a sharp eye out for any changes or reactions in your B.

  • Houston

    I saw this in an email today…scary. I have tried every natural product I have found and nothing works on those d--n fleas here in TX. I really think here in the south that the fleas laugh at our poor attempts to kill them off. I am dumb found as what to do, if I don't use some type of flea product the dogs are completely covered, and that is after I have done my backyard with flea treatment...I tried some natural products with clove in it and boy did the dogs hate it. Their eyes swelled shut and I understand why...they smelled like christmas candles or incense or something, very strong scented stuff..didn't work though..

  • They are persistent pests! I use a flea trap by the couch and I use a flea comb too.

  • Jeez - I hope my dogs never get fleas - my co-workers love to laugh at me when I tell them my dogs will never have fleas - is it inevitable? My brother's girlfriend brought her dog to my house once & it took all I had to not freak out when her daughter said 'eeewww - a flea just crawled over her eye!' I was vacuuming as soon as they pulled out of my driveway!

  • See this link. Never tried it but it sounds like it wouldn't hurt.


  • wow sounds weird sprinkling loads of tiny skeletons, just weird enough to work maybe,lol

  • I am not a fan of chemicals, I am trying out Apple cider vinegar (just), one of the claims is that it repels insects, It was sold as a natural dog product but it is also good for people!

  • I use a herbal shampoo (Dorwest herbs Pennyroyal) that is supposed to control fleas - and it makes them smell lovely!

    Also if you put a bit of garlic in the food it works as an insect repellant, i do it with the horses and i tend to give it to the dogs too 😃

  • thank you for posting this. I will read the reports when I get home tonight.
    I always said that these chemicals were no good at all and maybe harm the animals more then the ticks or fleas do…. ofcourse when I get fleas at home I do everything to get them out, even using chemicals, but I try to avoid it. After my walks I check the dogs on ticks and am able to remove and kill them ( well at least most ) before they get stuck on the dogs.
    anyway there is this flea/tick stuff in the netherlands PULVEX, it contains 65 % permethrin, chemicals to eliminate woodworms contains 0.5 % permethrin and it states that you put your pets out of the rooms where you are using it! and it has been proven to be harmfull for the nervous systems of cats but also dogs! and now when using pulvex drops you put 65% of this chemical straight into your pets blood through the skin! .... said enough ??? 😉

  • Houston

    The diatomaceous earth works great on any bug, but it is very drying and is known to irritate your lungs and you should were a mask when you use it, not because it is toxic, cause it is not, but the particles are so tiny and drying that if it does get in your lungs you will hurt from it, and if I am supposed to wear a mask when I apply it, what about the dog? I use it by the ton in our yard, around the chickens, in the chicken feed (it is a natural wormer) and in the chickens nesting boxes, so when they lay in there to have an egg, they get the diatomaceous earth onto their feathers and mites, fleas and flies don't stand a chance. But I would not use it on my dogs..
    The Apple Cider vInegar is another great natural pest control, I have it in my dogs water daily as well as in my chickens, but it doesn't keep the fleas in Tx away..! I use it because it is good for the dogs digestion, as well as a skin tonic. Garlic I add in their food, daily and they like it, but it won't keep bugs away, maybe if I up the amount, but then I think the dogs would shy away from it…bad breath, you know! There's got to be something out there that is safe to use, not FDA approved safe, but safe for real...I have yet to find it though..ideas would be great..This is a great thread, thanks for starting it Nobarkus..

  • Another thing about small particulates getting into your lungs, they cause cysts and can cause cancer. That is what makes things like asbestos so bad. The small particulates get into the lungs and cause cysts to form and then those cysts can become cancerous. Any small particulate that is inhaled can have the same effect.

    My husband's Environmental Toxicology instructor said on the first day of class, "Everything is killing you from the day you are born. It is just your choice on how quickly."

  • Houston

    Ivoss said

    My husband's Environmental Toxicology instructor said on the first day of class, "Everything is killing you from the day you are born. It is just your choice on how quickly."

    That's how I feel about it…especially living in Hoston, Tx, the third (maybe fourth...) most polluted air in the states (?)...I love it how people are telling you, eating too much eggs will give you cholesterol, eating to much meat will do this, not eating organic will ...does it really matter if the air you breath daily is slowly killing you? Regardlless of where you live something is not good for you...global warming is seeing to that right..although I don't know about all that..

  • Apply diatomaceous earth outside on a day when there's no wind. Apply it sparingly and gently so as not to create a cloud of dust in the air.

  • Houston

    …and it only works while dry, not if put on damp soil or in water..or should I saw won't work as effectively. Like I said in earlier posts, my chickens don't have any mites or lice or fleas and I attribute that to the fact that I use DE constantly, and I use it in their feed and I have yet to have to use a "real" wormer..

    Make usre it is food grade diatomaceous earth as the pool grade is very toxic for this useage..

  • What about in the Only Natural Pet Store they have the following what do think about it?

    Sentry Natural Defense Flea & Tick Squeeze On
    Also have Brewer's Yeast and Garlic Tablets.
    Fleabusters RX for fleas plus.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    The Sentry one is the one with clove oil in it that made our miniture Schnauzer mix's eyes swell shut and boy let me tell you it is strong smelling, lovely if you like clove, cinnamon and lemon smell, kind of like a christmas candle. Ps. they do sell this at walmart and the various large pet stores as well.
    I have tried brewer's yeast and garlic on my westie, Bogus, and it basically just seasoned him just right for the fleas to enjoy his blood even more, i.e did nothing…but I haven't tried the fleabusters RX..i wil check it out, thanks for the idea.

    just looked on the website and it wouldn't work for us, we have no carpet..and no fleas inside yet..

  • Houston

    This sound like they might be worth a try..I like the reviews
    Grrr-Lick Garlic Snacks for Dogs also on the onlynaturalpet.com site..

  • We have to do something because we do get fleas. Usually really bad from June through Sept. If we have mild winter they are still bad.

    Rita Jean

  • @Rita:

    We have to do something because we do get fleas. Usually really bad from June through Sept. If we have mild winter they are still bad.

    Rita Jean

    While we do not have a big flea problem in No. Cal… only once in a while... I have tried every "natural" product made... with NO success... I would rather trust the use of Frontline or Advantage.... and still you need to use a flea comb... for those of you in areas with a big flea problem... I would opt for the above.. then trying the natural. Even as far as spraying your yard... for that you can try the natural products... I know that most times when we have a flea problem it is due to stray/feral cats in the yard.. and other critters.... and of course when we get days of really hot weather. Also important is to clean/vaccum rugs/funiture as that is where the eggs are dropped and laid.....

  • I do sweep my carpets and it is everyday but one that is Saturday. Try to sweep furniture off once a week. I did learn a long time ago lay white piece of paper on floor off to side if you have fleas they will get onto to it. Then you at least know if you have them in house.

    I was just worried about using any of flea stuff now. We are using Advantage had no problem (yet). Thank you for information.

    Rita Jean

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