• Welcome to the forum, Jack and Sweet Pea look lovely:)

  • welcome to this fantastic forum.

  • Welcome! Lovely pair you have there too!

  • Welcome - you'll find lots of information, help, fun and commiseration here on the forum. Your B's are awesome.

  • Welcome, glad you found the site useful. There is a wealth of information here!
    Your basenjis are beautiful, I especially love black ones. 😉

  • Welcome!! Cute furbabies!!

    How's the hives? Bee/wasp sting? Seems to be the season. My Katie is just getting over one on her snout.

    Hope you find all you need here.

  • Hi and welcome your babies are very pretty. You'll have to share the Sweet Pea name that is our Blue Fronted Amazon name. Some how I am sure that your Sweet Pea is lots sweeter. I second how is the bee sting?

    Rita Jean

  • the best way to treat a bee sting on your Basenji, my B, Sahara is forever chasing bees, it is only a matter of time before the sting is thrown::eek::

  • Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I'm just not sure where I am on this site LOL..I love the name nobarkus! Ha!
    Well Jack went back again to the vet today and now is taking Steroids/antibiotics and ear drops as the benadryl just wasn't doing it for him 😞 It seems that he also now has an ear infection going on most likely from over scratching. Still not sure if it was a bee or mosquito or ya know the week before he had his booster shots and rabies shot…hmmmm. Anyway..Jack is my first Basenji [R/Wht] he will be 8 in December…and Sweet Pea just turned 2 in January...she was the runt of the last litter from Jack and his best girl Judy. I love them dearly. I can hardly wait for the weekend to spend some time on this site. I emailed the link to my friend who is also the breeder I bought Jack from.
    Tally ho!

  • Welcome from another Washingtonian!
    This site will keep you reading thats for sure.

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