• Hello, my name is Kim. I have 2 B’s ages 7 years and 6 months. My older dog is a male and my pup is female. She has had some episodes of incontinence while asleep. We have treated her for a UTI and tested her for Fanconi (negative). I’ve not had a basenji with this before, any thoughts? Otherwise she is healthy, happy and typically naughty. Thanks!!

  • welcome to the group!

    I'm not sure what would cause the "bedwetting", but offering more trips to potty during the day "might" help resolve the issue.

  • @Motala - It would not be Fanconi as it doesn't show up until usually after the age of three. And if she has not been DNA for Fanconi you should get that done, then depending on the results you will not need to test as long as she is Clear or Carrier, she will not get Fanconi.
    I would suggest you talk to the Vet as maybe the antibiotic did not work and she might need another treatment and/or a different medication.

  • @tanza Thanks! Yes we have tested her and she was negative. What’s weird though is that she did have a normal blood sugar but was spilling glucose in her urine. We did a venous blood gas and she was borderline low on bicarbonate.

    Can they get Fanconi just with the bad chicken jerky? Or is it always genetic?

    Also her vulva is a little bit recessed which I think would make her at higher risk for UTIs. Our vet suggested having her go through one heat cycle to see if the improves the situation.

    Happy to find this forum 😊

  • @Motala - Yes they can get Fanconi from bad chicken jerky among other things, but that would be all dogs, not just Basenjis. Genetic Fanconi shows in their DNA. When you had her tested, DNA tested, for Fanconi was the test results "Clear, Carrier, or Affected"?... and that test is a cheek swab that you order from OFA.org. Have you talked to her breeder about this? The breeder should have had the sire/dam tested for Fanconi DNA at the very least before breeding. And those results are public knowledge, anyone can look them up you only need either the name that they were registered with with OFA or a registration number. I have never heard of a 6month old spilling sugar in their urine that would be genetic Fanconi
    ... and I have been in the breed as a breeder for 35+ years. Would you care to share the sire/dam of your pup? If you don't want to post it, you can email me privately, my email can be found on my website, link below.

  • I too would love to know the parents and date of birth for inclusion in the Basenji Pedigree on-line Database if they are not already there - some breeders do send me litter details as soon as the pups are registered but not all. Again, you can post me privately - email is in both websites in signature block as is the on-line database so YOU can look back through at your family history.

  • @tanza said in Newbie:

    Yes they can get Fanconi from bad chicken jerky among other things,

    If canines can acquire Fanconi through "manufactured food":

    • Are they healed by removing the offending product from their diet? or,
    • Do they require medication to be healed? or,
    • Are they permanently affected by it once they have acquired it?

    I can't help but wonder if recovery methods could potentially create a cure for Fanconi that is genetically passed from one generation to another....

  • @elbrant - We have the cure, Elbrant, test before breeding...

  • @tanza Now you know that's not what I meant!!

  • @elbrant - If they recover from "manufactured" Fanconi that is way different than genetic Fanconi that Basenjis get. People like Dr Gonto spent years trying to "find" a cure.... never happened. In which the protocol was developed to help them live.

  • @tanza I'm just saying... it seems to reason that if they can "cure" acquired Fanconi, wouldn't they be able to use that research to further develop a "cure" for genetic Fanconi?

  • @elbrant - My personal opinion is NO.... sorry, been tried for many, many years. We are lucky to have DNA tests so that no Basenji will get this deadly affliction. If you are interested in the studies that have been done, talk to Dr. Gonto

  • @Motala - Sorry that is seems we have "hijacked" you post... how is your girl doing? Any update that it still could be a UTI?

  • No worries, I opened the door. 😂 Ruth is doing well. We had a conference with our vet and decided we could stop the bicarbonate for a month or 2 and recheck her labs. We are still dipping her urine once a week to check for glucose.

  • @Motala - Glad to hear that she is doing better. You might consider sending the blood work and blood gases to Dr. Gonto and get is opinion. It does sound that it is possible that it could be acquired Fanconi..... let us know. Also is she in-tact or was she spayed already?

  • Thanks for the reply. Yes I have been wondering about acquired Fanconi. Do you know if that resolves entirely with removal of the offending treats?

    She is intact. She is just over 6 months old now. My other question to run by Tad is about the timing of her spay. Her vulva is slightly recessed and our vet thought that might change a little if we let her cycle once. If so then her risk of recurring UTI’s would improve.
    If this was all from a UTI then we’d like to minimize her risk going forward. 🤷♀
    So still working through a few things…

  • @Motala Best is to talk to Tad.... but still I would try and check with both Tad and Dr Gonto with her blood results and blood gasses....

  • @Motala I certainly would be against spaying her before she has had at least one normal cycle. At 6 months she may even be thinking about having an early one before one in Autumn and then normal annual cycles. Bitch puppies very often do. You have no idea what sort of harm you are piling up for the future if you do it before hormonal maturity - Tad will know that and your vet is right. WAIT !

  • I was able to talk with Jan and also agreed with us about having her cycle once before spay. She also thought that I should visit with Tad. I’m still waiting for him to call me back.
    Thanks for all the help! I m happy to have found this forum 😊

  • @Motala - That is good that you talked to Jan and glad to hear that she had not been spayed. I still think that your Vet and you should connect with Dr. Gonto about your girl's blood work and blood gas results and if he has any thoughts about it.

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