• I do not know how many of you have had Akita's but we have seen in our little Basenji they have a few things a lot alike.

    Akita will turn his head from side to side when watching something or when you are talking to them. Jaycee does same thing her little head goes from side to side. Like yes I am listening to every word just because I do not apply it.

    Akita also use there hips and push on another dog when they are playing. Our akita will turn his hips clear around to hip another dog. Jaycee does the same thing we have seen her playing with our Shiba and hip her.

    Really neat to watch and know they have some the same ways.

    Rita Jean

  • At a nearby park, my then-five month old B ran over to play with an 8 month old Akita and became not comfortable with it at all - ears back, tail straightened out (her fear position) - the Akita ran on the left of my B and sort of curled around her turning her toward the right, and my Shaye could not get away. After watching it for a few minutes I had to go save her - no growling or biting, but a very determined "herding" going on from the Akita - Shaye doesn't like the big dogs with stand-up ears - shepards, Akitas, huskies - and they don't seem to like her. All the other big dogs like boxers, ridgebacks, danes, other types of hounds, labs, etc., she just loves. Has anyone else had this type of experience or is it just my B?

  • Our Akita is about 140 lbs and a long hair at that and he loves Jaycee. She can out run him and cut around faster but he loves her. Our Shiba over weight at 30 lbs loves to play with Jaycee. Shiba (Spice) might loose some weight now that she has Jaycee to play with.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    I have noticed that Otis use hipsr hips during play, but never thought any of it until we got Bana,(foster) and she did they same thing. Now they have done it so much to my daughter's Schnauzer mix that she does the same thing, we of course call it " butting out". Very interesting to hear that Jaycee uses it too.

  • Must be it's just my B. As to using their hips, at obedience class the other night I saw for the first time my girl "protecting" a toy she had been given by pushing another dog aside with her hip.

  • We call it a 'butt slam' when they run then turn and hit another dog with their hip. All basenjis that I have known use this technique!

  • A friend of me has 2 akitas and another has 2 shiba;s and especially with the shibas I see a lot similarities.

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