Have You Voted Today?

BRAT is now number 8 in the country and hanging on to number one in TX!

Don't forget to vote every day and get your friends to vote too!


vote for Basenji Rescue and Transport, Garland, TX


did about 30 minutes ago..

Bump…......Basenji Rescue was 7 this morning........did you vote today?


yippee..#7…I did vote..

Bump again….....BRAT still at 7th place.......try to vote everyday. Think of all the rescue/rehoming/transportation that can be done even with just the 2nd ($5,000.00) or 3rd ($3,000.00) place money.

BTW….every computer in your home or at work has a different IP address, that can add up to a lot of votes;);) 😃

I'm going to put myself out there and say the white tiger to validate the vote really threw me for a loop!! I need to brush up on my wildlife, clearly!

I'm going to go with my waaay overused excuse: they don't exist in hawaii 🙂

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