4 mo old puppies in W. PA

I just saw an advertisement in my local newspaper for 4 mo. old basenji puppies "free to good home only". The phone # listed is (724)290-7574. I called, and it said to leave a voice mail.


How many puppies were there? Wow, free, things are that bad ..that they can't even sell their poor offsprings..
Let us know what you find out.

Any more information about the pups? I had a male brindle rescue B that came from a breeder from that area. The breeder had a PA kennel license for a large number of dogs. After I found this out, I figured he had too many male Bs and wanted to sell him at the OH dog auction.

I think BRAT is looking into it.

I emailed BRAT about this. JR from BRAT said he called the number and left a voice mail. I haven't heard anything since then. Perhaps they already gave away the dogs. I went back in the classified section of my newspapers, and the ad was in for several days before I noticed it. Most mornings, I don't have time to read the whole paper. I just happened to notice the ad that day.

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