• I have recently became the owner of a young basenji female. Over the past two days she has been screaming when she poops. I took her to the vet and there was nothing obvious wrong. The vet said that her rectum prolapses slightly when she goes to the bathroom and I should wipe her with baby wipes and put vaseline her her bottom. Tonight there was a tiny bit of bleeding. Has anyone ever had similar problems?? The vet did not find anal sac issues or constipation, no sign of parasites. It just seems strange to me. Its really upsetting when she cries like that.

  • Sorry I don't have any experience with this. Joey a few times screamed when he peed, but in 3 months, it hasn't occurred again. Hope you get some answers.

  • how old? is the poop hard?

  • She is about a year old. I thought her stool seemed harder than usual, from the looks of it. Anyway, I've been using a little metamucil in her food which is what the vet suggested. It has worked for the most part. Although the other day I found part of a broken glass figurine (Christmas ornament) under the sofa. I'm wondering if she ate the missing piece which could've caused some internal injury. I'm thinking of getting vet insurance. I see problems down the road.

  • You might want to try giving her a little pumpkin paste. It will soften her stool and they like to eat it too (the pumpkin I mean) 🙂
    Vet insurance is a great thing to consider. I have it and love it. Check out www.sheltercare.com
    It's accepted by all vets. Ive been using them for over 4 years and have had no problems.
    Good luck and I hope your little girl gets better soon

  • Personally I would take my baby to another vet, 2 opinions are good to have. I do know that the pumpkin is good for hard bowels and they do like it. Keep us posted, I couldn't stand to hear my baby cry, she has me hook line and sinker haha

  • The only time mine did this was when she was spayed and in going to the bathroom, she strained the area that had been stitched. 😞 I hope yours gets better!

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