• "and God said I do set my bow in the cloud
    and it shall be a covenant between Me and the Earth and every living ceature that is upon the Earth." (Rainbow bridge). Heaven has dogs!!! I lost my best friend last September. I had a couple of dogs as a kid but he was the first of my very own. I got him by way of a co-worker involved in general dog rescue and as soon as I changed apartments to a place that would take pets I told her to find one for me. She took me to see 3 dogs one evening and I just thought Bisquit was the cutest. I loved the clean lines and the expressive face. I had no idea about what it meant to have a Basenji. I went home, thought about it for a day and went with the cutest. Wow!! What an experience! He was nothing like either of the dogs I had as a kid and nothing like any dog I talked to people about. He was, however, my best friend, my wing man, my confidante, a conversation piece, escape artist, and all-around great dog. We learned to live together. He moved with me 3 times and adapted wonderfully. Despite having a new guy, I still miss him.

    There will always be a hole in our hearts for those we have lost, but our hearts grow larger every time we find a new friend.

  • Houston

    Very sweet and I understand exactly what you mean. I just lost my first (dog)love in march , my Westie, Bogus, and yes I got Otis my B after that, not to replace Bogus but to be with us as a family to remember Bogus by, and also to help us find a new love..we later, one month exactly lost our second (dog) love, Lou, our beloved mutt of 13 years. I t has been a very hard spring, but Otis is helping us see the highlight in owning a dog even though it isn't as long as you wish..

  • As long as we keep them in our hearts they are always with us. I lost my min schnauzer over 10 years ago and I still miss him and would just love to hold him again. I had him before my daughter he was my child my baby I really loved that dog. You can never replace but you can love your new guy. Good luck

    Rita Jean

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