Merrick (change in formula)… anal gland probs.

  • Has anyone else who feeds Merrick noticed the change? Bella eats Merrick's Grammy's Chicken Pot Pie. There used to be little freeze dried peas, apples, liver, etc… in it. But now they have changed the formula. The peas, apples, and liver must be ground up inside now... and they added "life source bits" (which she doesn't like). Since the fiber is not as "rough" as it used to be, we are having trouble with anal glands! This really upsets me as I had thought I found the perfect food for her... now I guess I will have to change again:mad::mad::mad: Has this affected any of your Bs this way???

  • Get some canned pumpkin and add 2 teaspoons of it to the food. Works great in firming up the stools. Or you can cook some sweet potatoes/yams that will add the fiber as well.

  • Houston

    I just had my dogs on Merrick while we went on a three day trip (didn't want to hassle with raw food on a trip), they hated it, wouldn't even eat 2 cans in a day, they were supposed to eat about 3-3 3/4 ina day between the three of them. It looked yummy, in my eyes, even better than Dinty Moore..(?spelling). I didn't know that they've changed their formula, but it is just typical they did that and know you have to look for a new brand …again!

  • Yes, that is a big problem with all … changing the formula and not advising the public... but as as I understant... it is based many times on the cost of what they use... they buy in bulk... and they buy the cheapest.... it is no wonder that many go to raw or home cooked....

  • Well, it is the dry kibble she is eating… we have an awful time with any canned/wet food. Her stomach is quite sensitive... I will try the pumpkin or sweet potatoes. However, I may have to switch back to another of our tolerated foods to keep from having "stinky butt" in the future...:rolleyes:

  • i put a table spoon of peanut butter and then a teaspoon or two of canned pumpkin in a hollow meat bone or in a kong. if i put it in the kong i freeze it. they love it and it seems to keep their tummies happier. and they like the peanut butter A LOT. so they eat the pumpkin to get to the pb. 🙂

  • Houston

    Will she not eat pumpkin if mixed in with food? I give it to my dogs every so often, because it is healthy, but also if they are constipated ot loose in their stool. My dogs love it right of the spoon, but I can see how all dogs might not be like that. The other thing that is really good for anal gland issues is raw food, because the meaty raw bones make for firmer poop, therefor the animal has to strain more, thus the glands are expelled naturally. But it maight not be in you or your dogs best interest to start the raw diet.

  • I bought a couple of cans of Merricks Chicken Pot Pie recently to mix with kibble and Gossy didn't gobble it up like she used to - in fact she left some. Then towards the bottom of the can I found chicken bones (didn't look raw) so I just tossed the rest. 😞

  • If you have noticed a change PLEASE don't hesitate to give Merrick's production company a call. Often times when large dog-food manufacturers change their formula, they're not required to notify buyers.

    A similar situation happened not long ago with the food brand "Canidae" and many, many dogs had digestive issues due to the change in recipe.

    I urge you to contact them if there are issues.

  • @AndrewnShango:

    …A similar situation happened not long ago with the food brand "Canidae" and many, many dogs had digestive issues due to the change in recipe. I urge you to contact them if there are issues...

    I'm glad you mentioned this, because Canidae was my other favorite brand…

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