A forever home

Welcome! Great to hear you got Bella. We'd love to see some pictures.

Welcome to the forum! We love pictures! 🙂

Hi and welcome. I'm so glad you gave Bella a forever home. I know she will bring you much happiness (and being part basenji….on some days, much frustration). We have two basenjis, Cory and Jayden, and I also babysit 2 of my grandsons (aged 3 and 5) most weekdays. So we do have similar situations. Sometimes, especially on rainy days, it feels like I have 4 preschoolers trapped in the house!!!! The dogs will steal the 3 yr olds beloved teddy bear and bring it to where he is so he can see that they have it. They just wait for the boys to put their bowls of gold fish crackers down low so they can take them. My grandsons have already learned to put their snacks and sippy cups up high. They have also learned to not open the front door until they see whether or not I am holding the dogs. So, things are getting better as my grandsons learn these basenji rules. Cory, our little female B, absolutely loves the children. Jayden, our male, tolerates them and I keep an eye on him when he and the boys are together. I don't fully trust him. Sunny days are great because I can push all of some of the crowd outside. Rainy days ..... not so great. I love naptime! Dogs asleep on the sofa and grandkids asleep in their room! 🙂

So welcome to the group!

Welcome and congratulations on letting a beastie, I mean basenji/mix, to rule your life! 🙂

Basenji Mix

Thanks for welcoming me. I may be talking to you a lot. The two year old is the one who loves Bella the most but also doesn't understand. I probably won't be on during the day time much especially on the days I have the grandsons. I look forward to everyone's insight.

Basenji Mix

I am hoping the non basenji part will train and be willing to put it into practice more times than not. I am wondering if the basenji gene is dominant?


Bluebell, welcome to you and your new little one. I am alos fairly new to Basenjis, I have had my Otis for little over a month now and so far I have to say he is very different then our other dogs. Some of those different things are awsome, like the no barking and the fact that he doesn't like getting dirty..but others are not so good, like the standing on his backpaws to see what is up on the table or the counter..harmless right?, until he scores and has to have what he just found..Either way owning a B has been very rewarding so far and I know your little one will bring you lots of years of joy.

Welcome to the forum, look foward to seeing some pics of Bella.

Welcome to the forum!

Basenji Mix

Thank you. I look forward to getting to know fellow Basenji/mix owners.

Awe welcome to the forum, I think I remember reading the emails about Bella on BRAT chat

Basenji Mix

That was probably when they were giving people the opportunity to help with Bella's medical costs to have her severely broken leg fixed. I certainly appreciate all those who did including my daughter. Hmmmm, wonder if that was why she kept nudging me to meet Bella. She has a pin in her back leg but you could never tell it.

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