Isis - recently re-homed Basenji in Seattle

  • I had to re-home my darling red/white Basenji named Isis, a 1.5 year old spayed girl, in July of this year. My living circumstances were economically altered and I could no longer give her the care she needed and deserved. I kept in touch with the gentleman who adopted her but recently found out that he re-homed again without letting me know. He can't or won't provide me with any information regarding the adoption. Astounding to me, as now I am quite distraught.

    I have all of the vet records for her and wanted to get in touch with the new family to provide information and support. I am not interested (or rather can't anyway) reclaim her, so I don't want said family to worry about that type of situation. I just want to keep in touch but not interfere.

    If anyone has any information regarding this adoption please message me or reply on this thread.

    p.s. Please don't get into the whole "don't get a dog if you can't care for it" argument. I know. Circumstances wildly out of my control forced me into a very unfortunate situation. Please be sensitive to that.

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