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Welcome to the forum. I too understand how hard it is to loose a pet, we just lost one in march and one four weeks later in april. We are new to Basenjis but thoroughly enjoy our Otis. Again, welcome onboard.

Read all you can about Basenji but if your ready for a FAMILY member your looking in the right place. We are also farily new to the forum and the basenji. We got Jaycee in March. Been mostly fun but I have two say there have been those times but then she will look at you or lay down on your lay and all is good and gone. Let's know what you do or get.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum


Hello and welcome to the forum:D

Welcome! We just re-entered the fray after a year and a half without Basenjis. Best move we ever made;) They kinda worm their way into our hearts. :eek: There are some other folks here from the UK who can probably give you practical advice on where to find your new family member.


Belated welcome, I have not been on for a couple of days.

Currently there are no Basenjis in UK Rescue but if you're keen it might be worth putting your name down - they can turn up there at any time and previous Basenji owners are always welcome.

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to our group! Hope another beastie - oops I mean basenji - enters your life soon.

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum, good luck with finding a new addition.

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