My Basenji's tail stopped curling…

  • Today we were at the park and my basenji took a bit of a fall from a ledge we were sitting on. She didn't cry or show any signs of being hurt, but her tail wasn't curling when she got back up and still isn't. At first I thought she was just scared, but its been about an hour since we got home. She is acting fine. Any thoughts? Should I be concerned?

  • I read some were that there tail could get broken not to uncurl it or pull on it. We don't uncurl or pull the tail but could be broken. If it is broken I don't know what you can do could be maybe in the morning it will be all right. If not you may want to go to the vet and have it looked at.

    Rita Jean

  • I think I'd have your B examined by a vet soon - no later than tomorrow - if she still isn't curling her tail. It could be that she injured her back and that is why she can't curl her tail - nerve damage. She may not show signs of pain with a back injury. Just as with a human, the injury would prevent her from feeling the sensation. We had a dog who injured his back from falling off our bed. The Vet was able to pinch the tissue between his toes with a clamp and the dog didn't even feel it.


  • My boy bruised his tail when he was younger. It stayed down for a couple days and would only curl up when he squatted to pee. But then it returned to normal and he's been fine since. Although he didn't have the curliest of tails to begin with. lol

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